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Started by Anonymous, March 16, 2002, 03:00:00 PM

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Our new track is out now. It?s called Bogot? and is easier than the Glasgow. Why? Because Ruepel made it.    It?s a fast and a technically not so hard track, but it has its difficulties. Ruepel thinks that the winner-time will be a bit under 1:34. I think it will be quite the same as on the Glasgow.trk

Flame the track!

I S A - Pershing II


I know shortcuts aren't allowed in your competition but the rules say(did say?) that jumps where you land on the road and don't touch grass are allowed.

Now if you do that on the Bogota track big short cuts are possible.

Allowed or not?

Bonzai Joe

The rules say that you must always stay on/over the track.


Yeah, that's right.

1:32,00 from Roy

I didn't expect such a good time on the first day!

I thought this would be the winner time!

So guys, hope you like this track. I think it is nice to drive, fast and not difficult at all.



WOW ! I really like this track.

Not hard to drive , it's really fast !  

And that 1.32 was just a quick try.....