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Track ideas, requests

Started by ZakKrack, January 17, 2002, 12:00:00 PM

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I`d be really happy, if you`d write here what you miss from the tracks, and what should I change.  


Bonzai Joe

Go to the "Month's Track" site. There's a big review there  


Please use this GREAT Car in one of the next Tracks.

It's perfect to cruise over the Track and because it'?s not too fast, so everybody can see my nice face.


Next one is already decided, but in March we can have the Lm002, if you want it so much.  

If you look at stunts, you`ll realize, that there are 11 cars. If the contest will run in every month this year, we must use the indy, and a 12. car. But I know what that`ll be, and am really looking forward for that month. But that will be december.  )