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I`m back!

Started by ZakKrack, July 04, 2002, 03:00:00 PM

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It was briefly:

1. I`m back, but I woke up at 4am in Tunisien, and slept 3 hours before.  

2. My room is filled with boxes, as the whole new flat, workers come daily, so I have to help a lot of course.

3. ADSL is ready and running, so 24h internet - updates more frequently.

4. I`ve promised an update within 24 hours. It looks like I`ll do this this evening, but I may fall asleep.  

And of course I`ve promised lots of new things, which I may keep or not keep.  ))


al il professore

Of course, zack, you can't rest!!! you are an important member of our community... so never allowed to sleep! LOL

Wish u Quite fun with adsl welcome to the club ^_^

don't bother too much the 'mule'... private joke

and, you can sleep a little, though. Not much, but a little.

stunts loving cheers to all of u!

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