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im newbie

Started by mushi, August 07, 2003, 03:17:51 PM

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im newbie (i saw these sites a few days ago) but i liked this game very much, played many hours back then and i used to be good (at least when compared to my friends)  :)

I gave my inscription to stuntsLOL competetion now, i hope they accept it:)

well, cu soon i guess  :roll:



Hello and welcome to the online Stunts world!

You can be sure to get tough challenges here... And you can also be sure that StuntsLOL will accept your inscription :D, see you on the scoreboard there.
But join the other competitions too! There are a lot of Stunts competitions and sites within this community:
Zakstunts ( - the biggest and IMHO the best.
IRC (, the second-biggest (all this is not counting, which is not a part of this community :() and maybe the hardest. No shortcuts in that competition.

More competitions:

Unskilled Stunts (, which is having a break currently
Kalpen competition (, running for 3 months now, you can win the original game!
FranceStunts ( - right?) I don't know if this is running at the moment
B competition at Zakstunts ( - the secondary, but just as good, only not as difficult, competition at the Zakstunts site. Running.

Stunts newspaper: ""

There is also a Stunts chatroom accessible with mIRC: #stunts on any EFNet server. See you there and on the scoreboard(s)!  8)
But we can't be quite sure.


I'd be happy to see you at our contest. Do you also have a Stunts site?



BJ, you forgot some competitions :

HOTU comp (, not a part of this community, but still a Stunts comp.

IMSA Cup ( : 2 cups per year.
The next one will start at the end of october, when Kalpen comp will end. Be patient.

WRC Stunts ( rally-like competition.
Official beginning of the 1st rally : 31st august 2003. BE THERE  :!:
As IMSA Cup, it won't be a regular monthly comp but a special event competition.
2nd rally will be in January 2k4, after 2nd IMSA Cup and X-mas break.

Welcome to the Stunts community Mushi.


Sorry about that...
But we can't be quite sure.


You are excused : IMSA Cup and WRC Stunts are active at this moment. :wink:


Thanks guys.

i see many competitions here.. ill select just a couple of them to play for now. i also went to irc and find only bernie there :P so we will see on track. i need some practice:P but now its summer so ill be only joining for real in september.