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Started by Anonymous, October 20, 2002, 06:30:49 PM

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Where I am? Where I'm going? What's happening!?

nice works!

btw, is another scoreboard will be created for the n rh score?!


damn! I thought I was logged! that's was me ;) :lol:


But how we'll know that other really raced without RH?

Better come to chat if you can. This weekend was small Live Racing competition. You can read about it in "Racing in general" category.


hey, it's stunt, a 10 years old game... I don't think people will begin to cheat here... c'mon!

everybody will be honest... I'm sure!

juank 23

hey im like crazy with this new forum, i hope to understand how it works soon, best regards Juank 23  :lol:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:

al il professore

Hey, Parano, comon, stop saying u are a noRH man and fight: u can find opponents here anytime, if u want a live contest ;)  U ARE INVITED!
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


I already, in an other section of this board, asked how can I join this live competition, thnx!  :?

juank 23

hi, i just want to say that after this moment i am going to start thinking better if i have to continue running stunts, that time set by parano makes me think a lot of all the words i said about my talent and makes me feel stupid, i know i drive in auto but 4 sec, is a lot, and i dont know, ill have to wait until the others send their times, and if i cant get a minimum difference i have to say that i dont belong to stunts world, but instead of all i want to congratulate parano for that time CONGRATULATIONS........ :lol:  :?


Ok you won ISA "NO RH cup" I'll try again, but I'm sure I can't under 1:16. :shock:


Patience, Alan, patience...
But we can't be quite sure.


Quote from: "juank 23"all i want to congratulate parano for that time CONGRATULATIONS........ :lol:  :?

thnx! (but you can do it... switch to manual, and drive for hours and hours ;) )