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World Stunts Meeting 2005

Started by JTK, August 17, 2004, 11:42:39 AM

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Zak, we need a new thread called World Stunts Meeting 2005 now.  :)

When and where shall we meet again? Jacky, did you already ask your parents for their house in Aarhus?  :D
Or KHR, what about your parents' house? Or France? Or ...? Or ...?



If it is like this year, that is me alone at home with wife and children still away for holidays, I can have people at my home. Many rooms with real beds for sleeping instead of sleeping bags  :D (remember it Zak ?) but only 1 computer. :?
Problem is that Paris is not really close and there's nothing special to visit...


Well, I thought Aarhus was the final destination :?:  :!:  :?:

If this does not work - my place is possible, too or maybe at JTK?s :?:`

The thing is THAT we meet!  :!:  :!:  

So long, KHR :wink:

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Everywhere it will be I'll try to be there.

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Aarhus, Kiel, Trilbardou or anywhere, I will be there, I'm almost sure. I can't miss a World Stunts Meeting. I think it will be even more better than it was! :)

I'm dying to see Rotoi in Europe next year!!!!!!! :D
Chürműű! :-)

2201.02 km


I'll start to save money from now. So main objectives this year would be:
- New computer ($450)
- Cable internet connection ($30/month)
- Vacations in summer ($70/$100)
- World Stunts Meeting! ($2700?) :?

BTW Excellent pics Akoss!


Well, KHR, if you keep your children far away from Akoss  :twisted:  there could be space enough.

And what about Aarhus, Bonzai?


Oh yeah they would do horrible things to Akoss if I ?d set them free.  8)

As long as Akoss brings tons of chocolate for them I might get them calm :twisted:

so long, KHR :wink:

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Well, I haven't quite found out about my hosting opportunities, but I think it may be possible. I just don't think it would be a particularly good idea. Firstly, while Aarhus may be bigger than Trilbardou, and quite a nice place to be, there is nothing special to see here either. Secondly, I am the most northern Stunts driver, and my town is the generally most distant from everyone (except of course the South Americans). Thirdly, I only have one computer capable of playing Stunts. I may be able to mobilize another if I can persuade some of you to bring some parts, though (mainly a screen).

So all in all, I am an option, but I should think there are better options.
But we can't be quite sure.


Quote from: "Jacky"Aarhus may be bigger than Trilbardou
Every town is bigger than Trilbardou. We are only 520 people living here. :lol:

About location for Stunts meeting, I think Germany would be good.
Germany is about equal distance for all European pipsqueaks : France, Denmark, Hungary, ...
Now, where in Germany is the question.


Well... we're working hard on it... What about near Hameln (eng.: Hamlin)? KHR and me will tell soon, if it is possible.  :)


Hameln possibility with road travel :
Aarhus - Hameln : 547 km :D
Trilbardou - Hameln : 723 km :)
Budapest - Hameln : 1073 km :?
Hendaye - Hameln : 1535 km :(


Let's do meeting in Germany in 2006 summer. I'm planning to watch some WC'2006 matches live :roll:


klaipeda - Hameln : 1126 km


And bus ticket to Hanover (both sides) is around 300 EUR  :shock: