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JTK?s diary of the 2nd World Stunts Meeting in ?rhus

Started by JTK, July 15, 2005, 05:08:37 PM

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"Everyone is nice at the meeting. Except the host." "And the other guests." (JTK + BJ)[/i][/b]

The day live races started

I did not get much sleep the night from Wednesday to today. Early morning get-up, working and working and then - 4:00 pm, time to leave work. This one guy keeps on talking and talking and all I want to do is hit the road. Which I finally do then and two and half an hours later I enter Bonzai Joe?s house, warmly welcomed by him and Dinmor and a nice, cold Danish Harboe beer.  :-) I love the place BJ lives in at once. The house looks cute and tiny from the outside but inside there is much more space than you expect to be.

Some time later Ole comes by, a friend of BJ, Stunts newbie and owner of several computers. We?ll make him get addicted to the best racing game ever this weekend. :-D )

Some more time later a small red car from Germany arrives, its Diesel Joe with Krys TOFF, Zak McKracken and Akoss Poo. More welcomes and it?s a great pleasure to meet all of the guys (again). Feels good. Need a beer. Tastes good as the other two before did.

Dinmor is a great guy because he?s preparing dinner: frikadeller with red cabbage, potatoes and brown sauce. Gooooooood! :) We sit down and I take the opportunity to impress the guys by presenting them a nice pearl from my mind, a poem on which I thought and worked hour after hour in sleepless nights: "A toast to the host!" Seems the guys are kind of unimpressed and that the rising star of JTK?s poetry ability was sunken very soon. :oops: Had another beer...

After dinner BJ, DJ, Ole and Zak go to get the computers and I start designing an Indy track called "Dinmor" (because he made this fine dinner). Akoss wanted to exercise which I forbid, so he constructed "Fisse" (it?s the Danish word for the Polish expression "pista" :twisted: ) and we warmed up racing a little bit.

Then the computers are coming and life races start. Besides Zak and me find an ice hockey game (like kind of a soccer table) and we start gaming, too. (He beat me in the end, which is unimportant here. I drink some beer then). Also the first glasses of Palinka are drunken, yes.

So the evening looked like: racing, drinking, playing guitar, ice hockey, life racing, ... At about 4:00 am Zak and me were shown to our apartment by the house keeper, actually a room with two beds in the cellar and after one last glass of Palinka (which BJ tries to drink from the kitchen table) I fall asleep like a stone.


The day Zak became the "Egg Man"

Zak sits up in bed. What the...? He sais that he heard something upstairs and that it must be around lunchtime. I look at my watch, but it is only a quarter to 2nd breakfast. Outside it?s raining. Shall I go outside? No, it must be the Palinka which makes me thinking of that. Instead I enjoy a very nice shower and then enter the Gaming Zone where meanwhile Krys built "Diesel", a track for the Lancia. Nice track for that car and the first races without breakfast at all start.

BJ prepared breakfast in the end and so we have healthy and unhealthy cereals, eggs, bread rolls, jam, Hungarian salami (yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!), cheese and some Danish fish roe. Nice. B?ff!  8)

Afterwards BJ experiences dark minutes trying to race "Diesel". In the end he gives up trying to beat Zak`s perfect time and I sing the Diesel blues to him (which didn?t really cheer him up :-) ). Then the rain stops.

Time we hit town. On our way all of us see houses, streets, trees, cars, people amd so on, all of us instead Zak: He only sees bicycles. He fills half of his memory card in his camera with pictures of some bikes and as we enter a bike parking zone he is far away from himself and finds heavenly satisfaction. Bike porn, pah! :wink:

In ?rhus we discuss changing money and then go to the Netto market, confusingly buing stuff to eat and drink. On our way back we have a great Danish ice cream, I have one chocolate and two bl?berry kugler and a zip of soft ice. Very tasty. On our way back to BJ?s house we pass the sea and step inside, nice. :-)

Then it happenes. The Netto bags all brake off after a while, now mine is finished. Four eggs are broken and Zak puts them into a small bag. We go on and Zak thoughtlessly plays with bag. Suddenly he smashes it against a fence and the bag explodes, spreading all of the eggs above him and we explode laughing out loud! What?s on his mind?  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P

Later we enter BJ?s home and it starts raining again. We drink and Zak starts cooking in his words " a most sophisticated meal": Pasta with tomato sauce. Tasty. Meanwhile there is something on his mind: Life Stunts. Part one: Get up the stairs from the cellar to the top in two steps. Part two: Get up the stairs from ground floor to first floor with two steps. Big fun, nice pictures, hurt bodies. :-)

Oh, Zak is just telling me to come to the live races, so I have to go... And what a life race! "Eggbomb", created by Zak (don?t know why he chose this name) is a very good track. But then the sensation comes near: On "Harboe" by me for the Porsche 962 BJ and Akoss crash and loose. DJ is first and even me, I?m faster than BJ!!! But after the fourth try both of them are leading again. But DJ is faster than Zak! Palinka!  :-) I cannot wait to race Akoss? new track called "B?ff". It?s a hard track for the Audi quattro and we invent a new rule: You maz have a piece of chocolate, when you finish the track. If you crash - no chocolate for you.  :o Ole raced his first live races and now has a Stunts pipsqueak name: Aignur.

Meanwhile BJ is designing a new live race track: Palinka. I think of the meaning of the names of the tracks... Dinmor, Fisse, Diesel, Eggbomb, Harboe, B?ff, Palinka... Hopefully noone thinks it over. :-)

And then, slowly, we?re having one of the best dinners: CHILI CHILI, CHILI BEANS
in pina!  :twisted: The chili beans are absolutely marvellous great and very, very HOT! BJ is almost dzing and Akoss invented the third verse of his song, it goes like this: "Firey firey, firey ass on klosett!"  :lol: There are three versions of the meal: Vegetarian for DJ, "normal hell" for chicken (like BJ) and "stallin hell", which I liked most. Aignur even put more chilli spice on his beans - and didn?t sweat at all.

After dinner the next race starts: "Palinka" with a very special rule: If one crashes more than he finishes the track he has to drink a palinka. Mine tasted very fine after four tries...  :shock:  Meanwhile I?m trying something different and build the track "Akoss-CD" (the name deals with the way Akoss become deflowered, ask him if you want to...). I am very surprised as race and am faster than Krys with my first try. Oh, and I?m pretty tired. It?s past 1:00 am and still I want to bath in the baltic sea. Oh - after 1:00 am? Then we already have


The day ballade goes on

...and Dinmor is finally joining us again! :D He will race "Diesel" later I guess, because now he, Akoss, DJ and Aignur go to the city to have some fun while BJ, Krys, Zak and me walk to the beach. There Zak and me have a very nice night bath in the (in my opinion, definitely not in Zak?s opinion) warm baltic sea. Love it! :) We have a nice walk back and now at 3:00 am I retire. Good night (morning?). (In the end I retire at 4:00 am, the others came from the city at about 6:00 am.)

In the beginning there is light. And I see light is no good. And so I close my eyes just to open them again. Oh my god, I am awake! 10:30 am. Yawn.In the kitchen Krys already prepares a very tasty omelette containing onions and potatoes (I never had an omelette with potatoes before).  :-) Breakfast is finished by eating bread rolls with cold chilli beans [/size]in pina and then we go waking up the others. Nice pictures Zak took of Dinmor, DJ and Akoss and their happy faces as they saw us. :P

After their breakfast we head into towm. Have some sightseeing, smooth and relaxed. I like the city of ?rhus. We also find lots of places for live stunts. :D As it begins to rain we drop into a small take-away and as we?re already there we have some nice shawarma or fallafel or pizza. We hurry through a supermarket buying the last things we need for today and tomorrow (I also bough some liver pastrys and fish roe to bring it to my home). We left all the things in the shopping cart and drive it to BJ?home. Tired we areand listening to the music of BJ?s new record from Gary Glitter we relax. But how long until the next race(s)...?

Not long. DJ is designing his first official contest track: "Olepenis" (I think the name is simply philosophically intended or something like this...). This track is hard and I enjoy racing it with the Ferrari although I only manage to finish it once. Aignur does not race because on his comp the DVD-drive doesn?t work anymore. Noone knows why and/or how, nothing goes right. Then Zak softly blows inside and the drive works again! Zak?s holy breath..... :)

After racing Zak starts cooking and Krys and me have the most wonderful duty: Cut 2 kilos of onions.  :shock: In the end the onion soup is great, also the Italian pasta. When relaxing from eating suddenly Martin, another friend of BJ?s, drops in - just to be welcomed with a loud "Fisse-Fisse -  Fisse-Fisse-Fisse"-Song. He starts drinking immediately, only thus he can stand it.

Zak and me wanted to go to the sea again, also the others like the idea and after some storage drinking (beer and Palinka) we start. And then real ballade bagan (ballade is some kind of Danish expression close to the German "Scheisse bauen", but more creative. Ask BJ if you want a better explanation). First DJ and Dinmor try to hit each other really hard with their towels while running wildly and screaming through the streets (1:00 am!). Then all of a sudden we stand in front of the ?rhus stadion and the guys start to fly things on the flag poles. Things like part of a towel, paper mugs with wood inside or a tourist sign... :shock:  Loudly the crowd keeps (kind of) walking through the forest when a car comes and BJ automaticallz jumps to the right - falling into the hedges (wait for these pictures :o ) He gets up, seems slightly hurt, but does not feel any pain. O.K., so far. Later, while crossing a huge park, BJ runs and turns around himself all the time, reels, rocks, rolls and finally falls down on his head. Ouch! After a while he gets up again but will hold his head for the next two hours in his hands, knowing that it should hurt but feeling no hurt at all. Palinka is such a good sedative  :wink:

Akoss and DJ meanwhile keep singing the international pussy song: "Fisse-Fotze - Foufoune-Pina-Pista":shock:  :shock:  :shock:, later we all dance in a circle, arms in arms and shout "Fisse-Fisse - Fisse-Fisse-Fisse".  :shock:  :shock:  :shock: :shock:  :shock:  :shock: :shock: We keep tumbling down to the water, where Zak becomes a coward again, only Dinmor, DJ, Akoss and me go bathing, learning the Danish bathing song from Dinmor: Stand in a circle, take hands, shout "10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 bllllubllubllubllllubllllllub...bll...ub..." (at 100 get under water and stay as long as you can).  :D After getting out of the water we do a little star bathing while BJ climbs on the highest philosophic levels... On our way bach he tells one of the simpliest, but never known and never spoken so clearly truth: "Palinka is Palinka and Schnaps is Schnaps."

Please stop reading know and meditate about this sentence...

Reaching the end of the park Dinmore, Aignur, DJ and Akoss find a shopping cart - time for some more life stunts! The guys from Jackass would have been very envious of what will happen now. Akoss is sitting in the cart, Dinmor is pushing it very fast and then lets it run. The cart races down the street, rapidely stopping at the edge of the street and then very slowly dumping Akoss in the ditch.  :P  :P  :P Everyone is ROTFL! Zak is almost dying from laughing, my stomach keeps hurting more and more because of laughing. After a while Akoss is back on his feet, luckilty unhurt and DJ is the next to be pushed in the bushes sitting in the cart getting a bleeding arm, after him Dinmor will taste the mud. :D  

Oh - and there is the stadion again. The "flags" are still flying. Beneath the stadion there is a statue showing two people. Soon one of them has got a garbage bin but upon his head and the other one is wearing the shopping cart. Krzs is really mad that his camera batteries are too low to take pictures. Singing the Diesel song the crowd runs rioting until we reach BJ?s home. I go to sleep early this time (3:30 am), the last one falls into bed about 7:00 am). Oh well... falling into sleep I can still hear the Diesel song:

         Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe is drunken
   but Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe?s still drinking
         Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe will vomit
   but Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe?s still drinking
         Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe will pass out
   but Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe?s still drinking
         Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe is bleeding
   but Diesel-Diesel - Diesel Joe?s still drinking


The day after

Oh my god - is is really already past 11:00 am? Zak and me get up soon and go shopping with BJ in order to have bread rolls. At the small but nice bakery we get them each one of us may take a chocolate roll with us, mmmhh... have a nice breakfast. Afterwards we wake up Akoss and DJ, I write teh rest of the Saturday diary until they finish breakfast and then get into the cars - off to go real racing! But unfortunatly the cart racing court is closed. So we simply do some ballade with the leftovers of some F1-, cart race- and other racing tires and take another plan: We go to the ?rhus Tivoli. Yes, that was nice! If you were there you colud see Akoss, Zak and Krys do their first looping in the small but very, very good roller coaster. We go there several times this day. We also do some very nice live races at the bumper cars' (auto scooters) with special rules: Two teams, crashing another team's memeber: +1 point, crashing into an own team's member: -1, crashing a kid: -5, being crashed by a kid: -10. :D Big fun; I guess my team with Akoss and Dinmor won most of the time. :twisted: There also was a really mean thing called the crazy tiger (take a look at the link), controlled by hand with two joysticks. When we enter the tiger Akoss says to the controller: "Make it a rough ride, please", which he then really did - Oh my god! Getting inside we looked that way: 8) , getting outside we looked like :shock:! You've got to test it on your own to understand this... We also do a fast turning roundabout which mkes Zak almost vomit - I'm happy that he doesn't, because I'm sitting right beneath him. The peal boats are a little bit boring but the 12-hole mini golf is big fun (although I lose in the end, but I got used to it after all the live races). Oh yes, I guess we all enjoyed our time at the Tivoli.

While Akoss, Dinmor and Krys stay a little bit longer for the worst fairground ride, Zak and me depart for preparing dinner: Tonight is seafood time. :) Prawns, wild salmon and mussels with mixed vegetables and rice - aaaah, great! :P (Dinmor couldn't eat, he was busy vomiting after his last ride...)After cleaning up a bit BJ parents arrive from their holidays, say a short "hej" and then retire at once. So we've got to be quiet! I pack my things, take a fst shower and pay my due to BJ (which goes really fast. For the others Zak has to do half an hour of calculating.)

Then we take some group photos and soon the moment is there I did not want alt all: I have to say good bye to Akoss Poo, Dinmor, Krys TOFF, Aignur, Diesel Joe, Bonzai Joe and Zak McKracken and go to bed... :cry:

The day I start waiting for the next World Stunts Meeting

04:15 am my alarm clock rings. :shock: 04:00 am!!! Hatred!. I get up as quiet as I can, hopefully do not wake up Zak (like he did not wake me up when he got to bed) and enter the kitchen. Oh, the last ones did not go to bed long before - the dish washer is still running. I take a glass of cold Danish water, pack my things, whisper "bye bye" and sadly and tired close the door. Go to my car and off I am on my way back to Germany. :(


It was a great meeting and I had so much fun and cannot wait to see all of you again :!: :!: :!:

CU and yours sincerely - JTK


And there's nobody on the internet...  :evil: (CTG)


That is because Stunts playing is on different computers (on the main room) than BJ`s computer (which is in his bedroom, downstairs) which is the only one linked to the web... :?


Chili chili chili beans! B?????????FFF!!! Great, stallin hell! :-D
"Why can't we not be sober?"

Shoegazing Leo

2Kg of onions are very cruel... I'm thinking what when you finished to cut the music of moment was:

Ozzy Osbourne - "No More Tears"


Quote from: "Leo Ramone"2Kg of onions are very cruel... I'm thinking what when you finished to cut the music of moment was:

Ozzy Osbourne - "No More Tears"

LOL, no. But it should have been. :lol:


You guys are doing the right Thing! Great!  :-D  :-D

It is absolutely enternaining to read all the experiences and I cannot wait for pictures. It?s nice to know you all so I have lots of pictures in my mind how the sceneries JTK described looked like :-D  :-D

Best wishes KHR :!:

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Everybody died by Akoss' suicide fart attack - worse than Al-Kaida...  :-D


I finally finished the diary after 39 edits - have fun  8)


Errrrr... two new faces, Aignur and Diesel Joe. I can't decide who is who on the picture. HELP! :D


Quote from: "CTG"Errrrr... two new faces, Aignur and Diesel Joe. I can't decide who is who on the picture. HELP! :D

Bottom row to the left is me. Top row in the middle is DieselJoe.


Thanks! That was my bet too but wasn't sure - DJ's original name sounds a bit turkish and it fits better to dark hair and a bit creol skin. Btw welcome in the community Aignur! I also like chili beans with extremly hot pepper. :)


Quote from: "CTG"Errrrr... two new faces, Aignur and Diesel Joe. I can't decide who is who on the picture. HELP! :D
Take a look at my new signature. :wink:


Quote from: "CTG"DJ's original name sounds a bit turkish
Iranian :wink:
"Why can't we not be sober?"