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Live stunts

Started by DieselJoe, September 01, 2005, 11:20:00 PM

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Somebody filmed us in Denmark doing our live stunts! :shock: Now they are spreading it over the www without asking us! :evil:


P.S. Take a special look at 3:16!
"Why can't we not be sober?"


:shock: guys, we have to improve our skills :)

(though we surely beat them in REAL Stunts :))

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

downloading the file...
A dálnak a szumja elderbolta a pertes lomákot.

3534.75 km (PB)


Quote from: "Akoss Poo"downloading the file...
Yes, it might be pretty big for some people.
I didn't do it here at home with my 56K connection, I went to a friend where I could download it with more than 300 Kb/second! :shock:
"Why can't we not be sober?"


DJ, there's a very fast internet here in my hostel. You can download films and music from ftp by 100 Mbit/s! :) But I can download by 600-1000 kByte from web sites too. I like this network. :)
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This is the Yamakasi spirit.

I also download that kind of files from my job and bring them back home with my USB key.