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Moto GP

Started by CTG, October 13, 2005, 12:43:22 AM

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Talmácsi failed to keep leading position in Le Mans: he was fallen, finished only 14th. >:(

BUT: the real Rossi is back! ;)


Moto GP race in Hungary from 2009! New circuit under construction near Lake Balaton (called obviously Balatonring  ;D).


Mark L. Rivers

I know that MotoGP doesn't attract many members of this community. But I want to share this video I found yesterday. It's related to the GP of Catalunya (Barcellona) raced in 2009.
I saw this sequence (last 2 laps) live from my TV in last June, and my heartbeats sprang up for a great emotion, one of my greatest emotion seeing sport events.
But, after about six months, this video, and sure the music picked as soundtrack, has been able to thrill my heart almost like I saw last summer in front of my TV .
Sure knowing the particular standings in that moment of the season, the last events just happened, all the implications about the special rivalship between the two riders and the fact that in the past no other driver has been able to make the last surpass you'll see in this video, well, for me, all this and other stuff make this action one of the best ever in absolute.

Enjoy with it...

A great, epic battle