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Started by zaqrack, July 15, 2006, 09:05:28 AM

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This is a new initiative, just to have some fun.
Whoever is intrested can take part.

You simply have to attach replays as new posts in this forum in the appropriate category.
Categories are:

Wacky - replays with insane stunts or tricks, not necessarily finishing a track
Beauty - finished competition replays where your whole driving is beautiful

please always explain shortly why you have entered the replay to the competition, approximately when have you made it,
if it's a competition track please also note the track and the approximate date the replay was driven.

After each replay posted I'll edit the post and add a vote, so you can vote from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best.

Have fun!


The first votes have arrived, thanks to Bonzai Joe for submitting them.

Now go, check the replays and vote!

Voting rules are:

Every member can vote only once.
Voting is open until end of September for each track!
You can change your vote anytime even after you have cast it.
You cannot access the voting results, only after the deadline.


How strange: posts in the sub-sub-sub forums here do not show up as the "latest post" in the front page interface.