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NORH season 2006

Started by Mark L. Rivers, October 31, 2006, 12:14:29 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Chulk conquers the 4th victory lunging on Mark L. Rivers!
Fourth victory by Chulk after 5 races: the argentinian champion leads deservedly the general classification showing race by race his talent for NORH races! Last attack of Mark L. Rivers finishes at 58", 0"15 from Chulk's time, after a session 40 minutes long. But if the italian driver had more time in the last day, it's all the same not sure he would succeed to catch the first place. It's anyway very interesting to see the analisys of the race to consider how the time of Chulk and Mark L. Rivers have been very similar for all the race. Now 10 points divide the leaders and only a little possibility remains to the italian to conquer the first official title of NORH Stunts champion: he must win last race getting all available additional points (7) leading the race for the long and continuos period and, above all, leading last 96 hours of race. Let's see! Meanwhile, first podium for CTG, we hope the first of a long serial! The hungarian ace catches in the last minutes his best position of the year and defeats the attack of SuperBrian (5th). Very good outset by Parano (fastest in 3rd section) which catches a 4th place in his first race! Sure we hope that his presence becomes a constant of NORH races! In general classification, Krys TOFF achieves Gutix (not raced) at 3rd place and the last race will be decisive for the lowest step of the final podium. Well, let's see what wonderful emotions this final will reserve us!

Mark L. Rivers

Chulk has won the first official Stunts NORH contest!!!

It was announced: Chulk is the winner of the first official Stunts NORH contest!!! He really deserves the title after a season lived always at the vertex. He has showed a great ability in this very difficult speciality, where tecnique marries the risk and the heart weighs more than other things. Really congratulations!!! Principal opponent of Chulk has been Mark L. Rivers (2nd in the last race with a little improvement in the last hours), the only ables to engages the argentinian champion, the only with Chulk to climb on the first 2 tallest steps of the podium. It has been a great challenge, really exciting, a challenge which has given sap to this wondeful speciality, a challenge we will hope to repeat in next season! Other starring of this competition has been Krys TOFF which has taked part in all races (the only with Chulk and Mark L. Rivers) getting a final 3rd place in the season. Sure if he could spend more time for the races, he would marked more and more points, but his appreciation for this speciality is a thing really great! Then Gutix (4th), 3 times on the podium, CTG (5th) with 1 podium skimming a 2nd place (Control), SuperBrian (6th) with three encouraging races for the future, and finally, ex aequo at 7th place for Zac McKracken and Parano, both authors of high performances even if isolated.
Well, this first official season of Stunts NORH races was a bet last spring. When I have thought to begin it, I had many doubts. Really would the way individuated, DOSBox 0.65 and his video recording system, has been able to give new sap at this wonderful mode to race Stunts? Really would any drivers decide to take part at this older speciality in this unconventional way? Well, after these 6 months of NORH races, I think facts have demostrated that there's a special passion which pulses in a good number of Stunts pipsqueaks, a passion which can be expressed only in a NORH race. I'm happy to have found the way to express it officially on the WEB, permitting to all Stunts drivers to enjoy in this special contest even if far from the others! OK, now it's time for a pause. But next february, a new NORH contest will start again on SDR. All Stunts drivers which have taked part in this season and more others, are invited to participate at the big show: I hope to see really all them!! 


Too bad we were only 3 at last noRH race.

Anyway, congrats to Chulk.

One problem : on season scoreboard I have no point for 5th noRH race (control). Why ?

Mark L. Rivers

Quote from: Krys TOFF on November 28, 2006, 03:22:46 PM
One problem : on season scoreboard I have no point for 5th noRH race (control). Why ?

Simple, I had wrongly assigned your points to Gutix...   ::)
Now it's ok, sorry!  :)