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Best football player ever from your country

Started by alanrotoi, February 19, 2015, 11:18:18 PM

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The best or top 3 / top 5 as you wish. I know it's impossible to compare exhaustively players from different periods but we can say some names we like the most.

IMO up to now (19th February 2015) Maradona is the best Argentinian player. After him I have several names where Messi is included but he has the advantage not yet retired. :)

I'm very curious about Dup and Leo. A top 5 wouldn't be fair for some countries.


1. Peter Schmeichel
2. Michael Laudrup
3. Allan Simonsen
4. Preben Elkjær
5. Jan Mølby
But we can't be quite sure.


Quite a hard one. I don't really know the individual skills of the 'Golden Team' members - only Puskás became a superstar from that eleven. Sad but true: I can't nominate any players from the last 40 years. :-\

1, Ferenc Puskás
The best one is no question... charismatic leader of the Magic Magyars, the best European striker of the 50s-60s, with incredible stats:
Hungarian national team: 85 games, 84 goals
Budapest Honvéd: 341 games, 352 goals (counting only the league matches)
Real Madrid: 180 games, 156 goals (counting only the league matches)

Club titles:
5x Hungarian champion (1949/50, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1955)
5x Spanish champion (1960–61, 1961–62, 1962–63, 1963–64, 1964–65)
1x Spanish cup winner (1961–1962)
3x European Cup winner (1958–1959, 1959–1960, 1965–1966)
1x Intercontinental Cup winner (1960)

National team titles
Balkan Cup Champion: 1947
Olympic Champion: 1952
Central European Champion: 1953
World Cup Runner-up: 1954

Central European International Cup: Top Scorer (10 Goals): 1954
Hungarian Top Scorer: 1947–48, 1949–50, 1950, 1953
Spanish League Top Scorer (Pichichi Trophy): 1959-60, 1960–61, 1962–63, 1963–64
World Soccer Player of the Year: 1953
European Player of the Year: 1953
1954 World Cup Golden Ball Winner
1954 World Cup Bronze Boot Winner
Named in the 1954 World Cup All-Star Team
European Player of the 20th century L'Equipe
Hungarian Player of the 20th century
Football's Top Scorer of the 20th century-International Federation of Football History and Statistics
Silver Ball European Footballer of the Year France Football : 1960
Member of the FIFA 100
UEFA Golden Player-Hungary
Inaugural Inductee into Goal Hall of Fame 2014
Top 10 Greatest Players of the 20th century (#7) -World Soccer Magazine
Top 10 World's Best Players of the 20th century (#6) -International Federation of Football History and Statistics
Top 10 Europe's Best Players of the 20th century (#4) -International Federation of Football History and Statistics
European Cup Top Scorer (12 goals)(7 goals): 1960, 1964
Golden Boot of the World in 1948: (50 goals)


2, Flórián Albert
A.k.a. "The Emperor", the only Ballon d'Or winner of Hungary (1967). He played in Ferencváros during his whole career, scoring 256 goals in 351 games (national team: 75 matches, 31 goals). He was still alive when the stadium of Ferencváros was named after him - too bad, their new arena was named after the main sponsor (FTC fans are still mad because of that). However, he was a dividing person on the field because of his cocky style and laziness.

3, László Kubala
Legendary striker of FC Barcelona between 1951 and 1961, scoring 131 goals in 186 league games. He was rather cosmopolitan, playing in three different national teams during his career (Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Spain).

4, Imre Schlosser
Excellent striker from a very different era (active between 1905 and 1928), having a superb sense to score. He was the European top goal scorer between 1911 and 1914. Rare case: both Ferencváros (right-wing supporters) and MTK fans (jewish team) consider him as a club legend.

5, Nándor Hidegkuti
Another great forward of the 'Magic Magyars', playing in the shadow of the unbelievable Puskás. He played only in Hungarian clubs (mainly in MTK, their stadium is named after him) and after that he became a successful manager. As a coach, he could win the first Hungarian championship title of Györi ETO (1963) and took the team to 1964-65 European Cup final (where they lost against Benfica).

Edit: the best Hungarian players I've already seen playing:

1, Zoltán Gera
Midfield, still active (playing in Ferencváros). Excellent creative player, but way too sensitive to injuries, spending half of his career with recovering. He played a lot in Premier League (West Brom, Fulham), and had a main role in Fulham's great performance in Europe League 2010.

2, Pál Dárdai
Defending midfield in the 90s/00s, club legend of Hertha BSC (currently the manager of Hungarian national team AND Hertha). He was quite a diligent and useful player, fitting perfectly in Bundesliga.

3, Béla Illés
"The greatest king" and probably the best and most effective striker of the last 25 years. Too bad, he couldn't really perform well in the national team. He never played abroad.

4, Tamás Hajnal
Another very useful midfield, playing in several Bundesliga teams in the 00s-early 10s (now: Ferencváros). His gameplay intelligence is outstanding compared to the Hungarian football swamp.

5, József Kiprich
A well-appreciated striker of the 80s-90s, playing mostly in Feyenoord.