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Formula One in 2007

Started by CTG, December 30, 2006, 10:16:52 PM

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Silver Spirit has some identity problems: Raik?nnen went to the enemy, another enemy arrived to McLaren. I'm with Raik?nnen and Hamilton. Alonso is ignored.


Quote from: CTGAlonso is ignored.
No. Alonso is Champion. :D


Forever Raikonnen! Dirty-smelly asshole Alonso! Poor Kubica!

(short summary of Australian GP)


My own opinion of Australian GP :

+ :
Raikonnen (perfect week-end, perfect race),
Alonso (still here, he made McLaren car back at its best after a not good season last year),
Hamilton (impressive first race, a slow finish (maybe he was tired or just wanted to get sure to have the podium once Alonso passed him) but no fault, promising),
Hedfeild and Kubica (too bad for the Polish that he had an engine problem),
Massa (without his gearbox problem during qualifications, he would have fight for victory for sure. Started last he finished 6th just behind Fisico, very good performance),
Rosberg (nice GP, good finish with nice moves to gain some places, and he managed to put his Williams-Toyota before the official Toyota team),
Sato (weak car, but real talent. Why this pipsqueak is still in such team as Super Aguri ? Button should go there and let his place to Sato in "real" Honda team).

+/- :
Kovalainen (not too bad for a start, but 3 mistakes in race made him out of the points. Remember that he was just a test driver last year (while Hamilton was racing in GP2), he will need 2 or 3 races to get back at his best),
Fisichella (the Renault team still have work to be at their best, so far the car is slower than Ferrari, McLaren and BMW, he managed to keep the 5th place with a serious race, it was hard for him to keep Massa behind him in the last 6 laps, but he managed to do it),
Sutil (hard to start F1 with such a weak team as Spyker (ex-Midland), but he managed to reach the finish line for his first F1 race, so it's a good result for him I think).

- :
Wurz (man, look at your rear glasses sometimes ! Stupid Wurz almost got decapitated by Coulthard's rear left tyre because of his incompetency ! Coulthard race was anonymous, but he didn't deserved to finish it this way because of Wurz)
Albers (he hit Davidson at the beginning and ended in a solo accident after 21 laps only. Go back to DTM man, you don't deserve to be a F1 driver),
Button (his worst race ever).


Hamilton is leading!!! B?FF!!!


Oh my God, what happened to Kubica? :-/

Alonso got a stop/go penalty. Fine.


Wildest race since Brazil '03... terrible race from my compatriots (Massa's DQ and Rubens again screwed by pitting decisions), and of course Kubica's shunt scared the hell off my Polish descent (thankfully he is rather fine, just a broken leg it seems). But it all ended in joy, for Hamilton's maiden victory  ;D, plus Alonso's humiliation...


Ferrari was penalized by the pace car. 1st pace car entrance (Sutil crash) ripped of all Ferrari hopes for a podium.
Black flags for Massa and Fisico and stop go for Alonso : they all should have learnt the new rules regarding pitstops when pace car is on.
Perfect victory of Hamilton, really deserved 2nd place for Heifled, and lucky, very lucky Wurz and Kovalainen.
Last message : Honda sucks. 6 GP : no points. While Super Aguri with the older version of Honda engine already have 4 points (all won by Sato who perfectly got rid of Alonso at the end of the GP, lovely, I like Sato). I really think that Sato deserves a much better team than Super Aguri. Unlike his ex-teammate Button (prefered by Honda, stupid Honda managers), he always manage to get the best of his car and do only a few mistakes.
Let's dream : Renault drivers next year : Bourdais and Sato.


Quote from: DuplodeKubica's shunt scared the hell off my Polish descent (thankfully he is rather fine, just a broken leg it seems).
I also heard that he is "only" with a leg broken. Happy news compared to the hard crash he had.


Colour of living being is determined by the gene.


Massa had to start from the pit - SABOTAGE!!! ;D

He's damned agressive now and will be in TOP8 soon.


Too bad MAssa had his problem at the start, else my Kimi/Massa tip would have been perfect.


Who will replace Albers in Spyker team ?
He had to be fired because his sponsor didn't pay to Spyker what he was supposed to pay. Too bad for him.
Money is really the key to have a seat in F1. That's why talented drivers (S. Bourdais or F. Montagny for example) can't race in F1 while worse drivers can just because they have a sponsor (S. Speed or A. Davidson for example)...

Bourdais made tests with Toro Rosso last winter and was obviously faster than Speed and Luizzi after only a few laps of test. But he had no big sponsor and therefore was not accepted in the team. So he came back to ChampCar where he is still one of the leaders after beeing champion last 3 years...

After a few learning races, Montagny proved last year that he was as fast as Sato, but he had no big sponsor that could allow him to drive as regular driver for Super Aguri, so he is now only a test driver for Toyota. I hoped that he could replace R. Schumacher in Toyota due to Ralf's weak results, but it seems it was just a dream...

Problem in France is that there is no big sponsor ready to pay for French drivers. That's the opposite in some other countries like Japan where Y. Ide (one of the worst driver who raced in F1, the only one I remember that had his license stopped due to bad racing) and S. Yamamoto (who replace F. Montagny for the end of 2006) have big sponsors...


Alex Yoong was the worst driver ever.


Quote from: CTGAlex Yoong was the worst driver ever.
But FIA didn't stop his F1 driving license. FIA did for Yuri Ide.