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The future of NORH races

Started by Mark L. Rivers, March 21, 2007, 08:05:43 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Last months Stunts races would seem to show a letdown of the participation in all contests. Probably time to race is not high in this period and drivers can race only in short moments during the month.
This condition sure penalizes NORH race, and the reason is simple. To be engaging and selective, a track for RH race must contain some difficult tracts, where drivers can make the difference. But, while in RH race those tracts can be approached for little steps without big suffering, the same tracts could result almost impossible for a NORH driver. The thing could be very awful if a hard tract is placed in the middle or in the final of a track, and this can lead a driver not to continue the current NORH race. Time to spend is too much high, while fun is too much low.
But, as you know, through SDR I have a not secret mission: to revive the passion for this great specialty! I'm absolutely sure that NORH race are the true races, the races more similar to the real races, where drivers will have to race not forgetting a basic component of every true race: the risk. It leads a driver to dose his potential during the race considering his current performance. It arouses in a driver unique emotions, which he will have to domain. A race without emotions, it's not a real race, maybe it seems more a work. A pleasing, engaging and satisfying work where mind and hands have a big part, but not a real race where the heart pushed by the adrenaline is the real engine of a driver.

For all this, SDR is going towards an important change. Everytime a RH track won't be able to satisfy NORH race exigencies, we will see two different tracks in action: an engaging and selective track for RH race and a more simple but involving and absorbing track for NORH race. I hope this is a pleasing news for all like real races, and I hope this can approach many others to drive a Stunts car as they would drive a real car in a real race! Except for Stunts bugs, sure...   ;)


Sorry for leaving out te last noRH race but nowadays I'm too busy to spend more time on Stunts. About your idea: great, we can handle it as SDR B competition. Although I prefer live races (organized in a chatroom or totally live at WSM).


OK Mark, that may be good to avoid a low number of pipsqueaks in noRH. Too bad pArAnO simply made a single appearance and that Juank23 or Pershing II didn't came back, they should have made really interesting noRH races... Anyway, noRH racing is really time-consuming, that's true. And time is short these days for me. Even Stunts Career project is progressing really slowly these days.


Idea is great. Hopefully it will encourage other drivers to join.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)