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Started by Daniel3D, January 21, 2021, 09:21:20 PM

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21st second of the
21st minute of the
21st hour of the
21st day of the
21st year of the
21st century...

Important? Nah.
Special? Pretty special...

Edit: @CAS tx..
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Wow!  You forgot to say "the 21st day"... and sadly, there's no "21st month", ha, ha, but it is indeed a very special moment XD  Without the month, we can continue to celebrate this moment on all other months of the year, but perhaps in December, it'll be even more special, because it's the 12th, which is 21 inverted :P  Another thing we can do is pick September 2022 and call it the 21st month of 2021, which it is, in a way. So on the 21st of September 2022 at 21:21, it'll be 2021-21-21 21:21. Only one second before that, it'll be 2021-21-21 21:20, kind of a palindrome :P
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