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Started by juank 23, March 15, 2003, 07:28:45 PM

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you love the idea and want to make part

want to continue in normal way
6 (75%)
have a better idea
2 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Voting closed: March 30, 2003, 08:28:45 PM

al il professore

to argie and jackal argentino? Am i true?
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.

juank 23

hey bonzai what do yo say, just a try, i know that if you join a lot of drivers would do it


I think it is a weird idea to disallow manual transmission, because that is just a way of making it easier, and making differences between drivers small. Therefore, I do not support the idea of forcing people to drive with auto instead of manual in the first 15 days of IRC competitions. However, it would be interesting enough to do it some times, to see who is best with auto transmission. We never drive with auto anymore... so I hope Mingva will arrange a few auto-challenges, but I don't hope it will become a general principle.
But we can't be quite sure.

juank 23

yes you are right, but the problem with auto is not that it will be easier, using auto you use your pure talent over a track, when you use manual you have to practice the tricks, is not easier, the differences are smaller because a good driver knows how take the corners and look, for example the diference between alan rotoi and me on this track , using auto are very tigh, alan 1:16.95, juank 1:16.85, its pure driving skills, without RH, and manual, and you know that the advantages on manual are caused because you can make some tricks with it. so i think that we can know who is who using auto and obviosly without RH, think about it, the big mayority thing the same, try it just to make the comp more interesant, best regards from your old friend, Juank 23