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The Z100 warmup thread

Started by Duplode, September 07, 2009, 06:03:21 PM

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The sense of anticipation and excitement Mark mentioned on the news page is very real - Z100 is shaping up to be The Race, indeed. I mean, it's not everyday we have the chance of reuniting so many stars from different eras in one single race. In fact, with the recent comebacks it seems we're very close to getting all of the champions in it! Roy and Renato are already on Z99. Soon enough, BJ will have his DOSBox setup up and running, and CTG will find a bit of time to rejoin the fight. Ayrton and Gutix were racing earlier this year, and it probably won't be so hard to bring them back (c'mon Rotoi, time for the MeganiuM Red Alert!  ;)). Only Alain remains missing - but at the very least his (digital) whereabouts are known, thus a convocation can be issued. That would be simply epic, and not to mention all the other pipsqueaks which are to take part... 8)


I did not have high expectations of Z100 so far, as ZCT50 was a big letdown. But seeing all these reappears I am getting more and more anxious with every day. This can truly be a great race.

On the other hand this puts a lot of stress on me. Will I be able to design a track which suits this occasion? I should better start designing soon and put all my skills into it.


It will be a great race, everybody will want to win. :)


Sure, I hope the track will suit the occasion, so we wouldn't end up with a disappointing race.
But I do believe in it though, I really think It'll be great. I have also said to all my friends and family, who know the game, that they HAVE to race next month. And of course I'll be there. And I also hope to see Krys and DJ back on the track fighting for some extra teampoints.
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There's a chance that I won't be racing on ZCT99, but I will certainly make sure to be there on number 100. I expect everyone else to give this race some special attention too.
But we can't be quite sure.

Mark L. Rivers

It's simply a race that none Stunts driver can miss...  ;)


I sure won't miss it. In fact, I'll use ZCT99 and Duplode's track (can't remember the name right now) as a warmup to see how much stunts do my fingers remember...
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


the beta version of the track is done (took me 5 hours). I am not 100% satisfied but things are going well so far. Testing is in progress...


Mark L. Rivers

One thing is sure: I want to live this event racing hard as I did in my best races. So I'll search every available minute in the month in order to realize the strongest performance I can, not only to sign my presence. I also don't want hiding my personal target, a very ambitious target, that is reaching the TOP 5, a result that would be really wonderful for me, thinking the incredible density of awesome champions that, very probably, the scoreboard will host. Sure it will depend from which cars we have to use. Seeing the pool wherefrom the winning car should come out:

Carrera :) (I won in ZakStunts with it),
Skyline and Ranger  ::) (I tried them but never in a real race ...),
Countach  :-\ (only a 4th place with it in USC...),
Audi :) (Southern Cross Trophy –Round 2 – has been a good training...)
Indy (put yourself the number of smiles... :D).

The greatest Stunts show ever is going on air, I already put my helmet... ;)