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Started by Duplode, November 17, 2009, 05:40:27 AM

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Feel free to let me know how did you feel about the tracks, the management and everything else - it surely can will be useful for a novice like myself!

Mark L. Rivers

It has been all perfect!
Just a little thing: next edition ( ;) ), if you'll check the replays after the race as you did in Cydonia, you could implement the automatic submission of the results like ZakStunts or WSC: "the cherry on the cake"!  :)


The contest was good on first three tracks. But then your insomnia ruined all fun :P Please don't make tracks in sleepy condition :P

All in all, the first track was mediocre and hadn't much time to race there. The second one, Battery, and car selected was very fun to drive. It was my favourite track, I enjoyed a lot. The third was also very good to drive on, the car selection was perfect again. But after then for some reason you chose Melange and created very hard track. I started to race but realised it would demand a lot of time to get some good result. I finished my only one rpl on final day, just to keep fighting for the 2nd place on the final track. But that final track seemed not easier as previous :( I gave up and accepted the 3rd position on final rankings. Sadly, I was too embarrassed to send my 2:3x time :-[ receive two points on Cydonia.
The rules were a bit hard to understand at first, and those disqualifications looked not good. Anyway, it's definitely more harder to manage this kind of competitions.

That's my story of Southern Cross Stunts Trohpy contest. Ah, the site design is nice, it's still pleasing to the eye.