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Future of the community

Started by zaqrack, June 12, 2011, 05:50:22 PM

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Just read the first article on the history of online Stunts racing:

I noticed the following:
- my English was awful back in 2002 :)
- we have come a long way. A really long way
- many of our dreams have come true - WSMs being the greatest dreams fulfilled. ZCT100 being another (for me, at least)
- check the visitor and pipsqueak numbers mentioned in the article - we do complaim a lot lately., but do we really have a reson to complain?
- I really need to write a new part of the history, before its forgotten, as the last part was written in 2006. Or someone else needs to write it. We just closed another era, you know. Where did we stop in 2006? 6th generation - Age of MeganiuM. What happened since? I would say:

2007-2008: 7th Generation / Decline - and no new generations appeared after this seventh!
2009: Renessaince / Rebirth, I would also risk 2nd golden age of Stunts.
2010-now: Grey days, stumbling in our footsteps, moral and motivational crisis
from now onwards: 8th Generation maybe? a transformation of priorities? who knows...

What do you think?

Mark L. Rivers

Continuous tracking of the community story is one of the best thing to do in order to make a cohesive whole. It's strongly necessary these gray days are linked with the bright past if we want to hope in a clear future.


I will sit down and write as my time allows. As the articles section at ZakStunts is open for everyone, the story written by other viewpoints is also welcome.


Oh my god, what a work to do - and I can't even finish my 2007 competition! :-X I could only tell about three WSM!  :) :) :)
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Quote from: JTK on June 14, 2011, 02:54:42 PM
Oh my god, what a work to do - and I can't even finish my 2007 competition! :-X I could only tell about three WSM!  :) :) :)
...and the pre-2000 era :)


Yes, probably. As far as my remembrance can go to the past that much...  ;D
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Maybe Im from the 8th Generation who knows Im just a new player joined here in 2011. ;D
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