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Silverstone (2014-04-27)

Started by CTG, February 25, 2013, 01:01:23 AM

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Whops, due to some... explosive issues on Zak's side, the race might be restarting soon!

In the meanwhile, results of the aborted run

1 - 51"50
2 - 1'41"00
3 - 2'28"95
4 - 3'18"00
5 - 4'06"80
6 - 4'59"85
7 - 5'48"05
8 - 6'36"10
- up to the 2 tunnel before the loop (7'09")

1 - 56"60
2 - 1'44"25
3 - 2'34"10
4 - 3'22.95
5 - 4'10"75
6 - 5'00"55
7 - 5'51"05
8 - 6'40"60
9 - 7'30"15
- up to the half-pipe (8'00")


Sorry guys, I wasn't around the start time due to base stupidity. For some reason I did not double-check that 15:00 GMT+1 was when I thought it was  :-X


As expected, lunch was at the time the race was held and I couldn't come. Did you enjoy the track - car combo?
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


Well, sort of. I realized immediately on the first lap, that my Dosbox is not set up correctly and using McLaren it was lagging a lot (you can surely guess from my jerky corners). Of course this problem did not occur during practice!

I put my kids to bed a few minutes before the late and my wife was out with some friends. During lap 5 Barnabas came out of the kids' room, claiming he has to take a poo. He is a big boy and managed just fine to do so, but was shouting for me to go and wipe his bottom.

I rushed to the bathroom, did so, and asked him to go quickly back to sleep as I am busy "working" (If I tell him I am racing, he would never return to bed :)) He started complaining that I need to personally put him to bed, and spent the rest of the race crying in front of their room while I was battling with time and the lagging Dosbox. Cruel father I am.
During the last two minutes of course Richard woke up on the noise and started shouting that he needs his toy frog which he has deliberately thrown out of the bed earlier.

We concluded in the chatroom that it is quite understandable for real-life pipsqueaks to let their spouse/family to handle their kids during races :) During the creation of the next track I actually had to go back to their room 3 times to a.) give them water to drink b.) give them back their toys thrown out of bed c.) generic resistance and unrest against sleeping. Hence the track name :)

But of course all this does not reduce the value of dreadnaut's victory. Congrats! :)


So, the topic title is already the final one. :D