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Started by CTG, October 21, 2002, 09:48:19 AM

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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Well, my point of view is that in 1996-97, when I didn't know any of you, I was having the fiercest battles in Stunts racing with my old opponent and classmate, Rözse Söndör. We used all the tricks we knew and invented. I'm sure that if we had known this 'longcut' trick on Default, we would have used it. ('LOME kerítéstaktika' was known by this time, though didn't have this name.) CTG's and Duplode's 'unwritten' rules (now written rule-like suggestments) are nothing for me on this classic track, related to our old racing attitude with Rözse Söndör. That's (one, but most impoartant reason) why I consider these laps as real Default no RH record laps.

(If you are too wide with this trick, the program automatically punishes you with penalty, like it sometimes happens.)
Chürműű! :-)

1341.23 km


I just did this lap on Default (to my own surprise!). Until the end of the bridge, this is the perfect noRH lap for me, hitting 43.00 at the beginning of the transparent middle of the bridge.
Then, owing to a mistimed slowdown before the next corner and a somewhat imperfect final corner, I missed my personal record by 0.20, clocking in at 1.01.35. Still, this is the second best lap I've ever done on Default old style, following the road and noRH.
But we can't be quite sure.


Great! It is nice to have such a strong lap on the books.


Nice way of celebrating the 25th anniversary :)


I have done all the dishes, the sun has set, I have a cup of tea and a couple of candles on the table. Time for the five DEFAULT laps!

First try: uhm, what does DEFAULT look like again? Oh, yes, of course I remember. I still slow down too early before the first corner, but a combo boulevard jump + magic carpet + powergear at the bridge gets me toward the end of the track quite fast. Except I fly too far getting off the bridge, and waste forever getting back on the track. 1.17.50

Second try: argh, same mistake again! That powergear might be more a problem than anything else. 1.17.10

Third try: for some reason a touch the left key on the first slope, and land straight in front of a concrete slalom block. DNF :(

Fourth try: the car jumps nicely entering the cork, but I land diagonally and travel on some grass before the following corner. Still, I drive nice and clean between the boulevard and the bridge, and this time I exit powergear at the right moment. 1.09.95

Fifth try: all well until the second to last corner, where I leave the road and travel a couple of tiles on grass. 1.11.85

Have I mentioned I'm bad at this? ;D


I noticed this in the forum index, so I had go for a ride on Default! And what a ride!

First try: A good start! I seem to remember all the important mistakes, and I actually avoid most of them... except jump off the bridge with the wrong angle. But 1:08.25 is a really, really good time for me.

Second try: woooo, I'm on a roll! I go a bit long in the corner after the boulevard, but the fast grass of the chicane saves me; I also go a bit out at the last corner, but I end up on the other half of the junction! And still I close the lap at 1:07.55, which might be my personal record! I'm saving this replay :)

Third try: wrong angle out of the cork, and I roll out on the grass — 1:13.10.

Fourth try: a bit of mess with the gears before the bridge means I miss powergear, but I still close in 1:08.00

Fifth try: this is it, I'm ready, I'm tense! A really nice first corner, I do OK at the corner-chicane before the bridge, and reach powergear on the ramp; a good landing, a couple of decent corners... and it's 1:06.00 —woooooo! :o

Ah, it's the first time that I get decent numbers out of the Five Laps! Maybe it was a good idea to try this after racing on Race4Kicks, which just happens to have an Indy track :P


Since the Default-Track used to be the only track I drove in stunts for a very long time - for many years I tested out how fast each car can be with my own rules, which are very similar to the owoot-rules, I had to have a go at competing.

My personal record in the Porsche Indy is a 1:03,55 (no RH, lane switching etc, only cutting the corkscrew, and allowed speedup via the divided highway). With RH but still no bug-using, lane switching etc I just drove a 1:02,60.

Edit 25.4.2019: in the last days i spend quite a while on Default in the Porsche Indy, and just pulled a "magic" lap WITHOUT RH: a 1:02,40 which is even faster than my old PR on Default in the McLaren Honda MP4; with RH I improved this lap by 0,1sek, so it's a 1:02,30 - I attached this lap

Edit 29.4.2019: in the last 5days I did try my luck with the McLaren Honda MP4 and was able to pull a 1:00,80 without RH, and a 1:00,00 (no typo etc!) with RH (however still no dual-laneing or bug-using etc). I also attach this RH-Lap


Oh, time to give another try to this! How will it go? (See format)

1. Wooo, haven't done this in a while, and I don't remember on which side of the road the first slalom block will be! I'll go in the middle. I break a bit too much before corners, but I reach powergear at the bridge and manage to break and land decently off it. I close with a brilliant 1:08.05, which is awesome seeing that my personal record is 1:06.00.

2. Nope. This time I stay on the right side to jump over the slalom, but I end up in the grass when I try to align on the left for the coming corner. General slow down, extra grumpiness, and I leave the road after the boulevard, losing a ton of time: 1:15.75.

3. Argh, DNF! Great start, perfect first corner, then I take the cork l/r at full speed instead of cutting it, and of course I fly out upside-down :|

4. Meh lap. I touch the grass in a couple of corners, and miss the powergear on the ramp. Maybe I'm too distracted for this tonight. I close at 1:13.40

5. I sit up straight, square my shoulder, and off I go for the last lap! A pretty decent first half, but no powergear, and a terrible landing after the bridge. I end up visiting Joe's shop, and reach the finish line at 1:16.70.

Well, not great, but I'm still satisfied about the first lap :)


Nice reminder! I have just driven a small handful P962 laps for Daniel3D's thread of opponent experimetns, so I shouldn't be too rusty. Let's see...

  • I briefly went off-road after the l/r cork and missed powergear at the bridge, while trying to stick to GAR all along because I momentarily forgot the rules on this thread are somewhat less strict. 1:08.20, some extra warm-up was needed after all.

  • Again I forgot to cut the cork, and played it too safe at some corners, but at least managed to get PG on the bridge. 1:07.10.

  • After some more questionable cornering, not to mention leaving out the cork cut yet again, I missed the breaking point at the bridge and went off-road. 1:10.70.

  • This time I did remember to cut the cork, and there were no major cornering mistakes. 1:04.75, first good lap of the session.

  • I lost concentration at the start of the lap, understeered off the track at the first corner, and limped to the finish line afterwards. 1:16.90.
Not great either, but three properly completed laps out of five isn't bad for me considering my current levels of focus and stamina.


I've become interested in gathering all the replays from this thread to be able to make a proper official scoreboard for the all-time permanent competition on Default. I have been adding some notes to the article about this track after reviewing some of the replays in the thread, but there are more to watch. I think I should add them to the P.C. in Race For Kicks because until now, the wiki article was only talking about non-official records.
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