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CarEdit3 - a DOS-based car editor

Started by dm_s1e6, June 21, 2014, 01:46:16 PM

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As @ZdnBurns noticed last year, CarEdit 3.2 can't open RES files that are not in the "standard" order of resources (simd, edes, gsna, gnam). Thankfully, the sources of CarEdit are available, so I had a go at working around that issue. A zip with updated executable and source code is attached below. Some notes on the changes:

  • Saving converts RES files to the "standard" order. I'm not sure if that's actually a desirable feature. In any case, for the moment you can use it to, for instance, make RES files compatible with CarBlaster.
  • I have tried to change as little as possible to make things work. Partly because of that, I couldn't avoid keeping a few superfluous restrictions on the RES file layout so that my changes work predictably. I don't expect those restrictions to be a problem in practice; in any case, please tell me if this version fails to load any specific car.
  • To prepare the binary, I grabbed a compiler from here, some missing units from here, and built it in DOSBox. (I'm not really familiar with the DOS Pascal ecosystem, so please let me know if there are better sources  :))

Though I have changed the version strings to 3.3, I feel Zapper might want to check if I haven't done anything silly before we bless it as a new release.


CarWorks saves RES files with a correction relative to what Stunts does, but this does not affect compatibility with CarBlaster, so I expect it neither would with CarEdit. More specifically, the default Stunts RES files sort the chunks in one order, but the pointers in another. CarWorks sorts both in the order in which Stunts stores the chunks, so the absolute locations of the parameters remains the same.
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.