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Started by warny, June 29, 2015, 02:10:11 PM

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Hello everyone.
For my first post, i'd like to share my work with all of you : (which can't actually edit track, but i am working on it) (just drag and drop your .TRK on your browser and enjoy)

The source code is available here :

Any comments are welcome.
Would someone be ready to transform this in a browser based game ?


Welcome! And whoa - the 3D viewer is great fun!  :) I believe it is the first standalone viewer of this kind to be released.

(P.S.: Zak, can you please move the topic to the Stunts Programs subforum?)


There still a lot of things to do  like :
- completing the resource extractor so i can extract all materials and not only the first
- using materials cycling
- using transparent materials
- display fence
- collisioning
- orienting decorating objects
and then
- put a car on the circuit


nice 3d track viewer, C# based, using the Models from Stunts