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6th Race (Noisy + Karbala + Taegu + Riobamba + Dili)

Started by Shoegazing Leo, September 02, 2015, 09:39:45 PM

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Thank you for holding this competition Leo! It was fun racing in an Indy contest after so long. Unfortunately I was unable to give the tracks in the second half of the contest the attention they deserved. Still, at least I got to drive at Criciúma  :)


Indeed, thank you Leo! Good fun, hard tracks and a few thrills, this was a great competition!

And please thank Gonzo from me, for the advanced and historical stats, they were a great addition :)


FELICITACIONES DUP..!!!!!!    Y Muchas Gracias LEO por tan linda diversión de esta Competencia LOL...   Cuando puedas, esperamos otra versión más....
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.