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Leading time table - feedback!

Started by dreadnaut, April 05, 2016, 02:38:52 PM

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I have been looking at the "leading time" are of the scoreboard to fix the leap year troubles, and I've been wondering if there's anything that could be improved.

I'm rarely paying attention to the graph, it looks more or less the same every race, at least to me. And the table is useful, but I'm looking at it from the bottom going up, searching for the highest numbers.

Wise pipsqueaks, how do you use the leading time information? Is there anything missing or that you don't need on the page?

Attached: the current leading time information, and a possible variation made in Paint :P

Renato Biker

I agree to make a simplification, highlight the main points. The current grafic I see unnecessary.

On the other hand, I like to see the history of each race, how was the battle for the lead...


I agree with Renato -- I wouldn't miss the current graph very much, but the hour-by-hour chart is important as evidence of those really good LTB fights. The summary is a good idea though. An alternative to it might be displaying some or all of the information in the full chart, though that would probably be just more complex and cluttered.


Yep. It's nice to see graphics but I never use this in particular. I miss the section time analysis for example.