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Ideas of softwares

Started by Shoegazing Leo, October 30, 2016, 03:55:37 PM

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Shoegazing Leo

I need to find a free software for web page developing.

What I need:

- support to code to embed videos from youtube
- possibility to do page templates

Can anybody give me a tip?

(Yes... there is a new project to be launched... coming soon)


Leo, I don't know about software for developing sites, but in my case, I write the HTML, CSS and PHP directly and it's not hard and you can easily embed videos. Take a look at HTML5 with CSS3 give you virtually everything. I just need practice with designing, but the capabilities are great.
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Two main points:

  • Cas is absolutely right in encouraging you to learn to write HTML, CSS, etc. directly. The basic things can be learned quite quickly, and graphical "helpers" to build HTML pages without  writing code tend to cause more problems than they solve.
  • For HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials, I recommend MDN, which is deeper and more reliable than the occasionally dodgy w3schools.

Bonus item, entirely optional:

  • For simple sites with no need for server-side infrastructure such as automatic replay uploading, I am a fan of static site generators. They allow you to use templates without needing PHP, and to write your content pages in Markdown, which is much more pleasant to write than raw HTML. For instance, I use Hakyll for building all of my sites. The main complication is that to use them you will have to learn a little bit about the programming language they are written in, which might feel a little intimidating -- but if you were planning to dabble in PHP already it might not be that much of a leap.


Yeah, I'm really a newbie with websites. I more or less handle PHP because I'm a programmer, so anything that's algorithmic is comfortable to me, but if you want more design and less scripting, then you may actually find helper tools comfortable, only I wouldn't know what to recommend you. But again, plain HTML and CSS are so, so simple, that it really is worth it to learn them. Embedding a video is as simple as putting the address between the corresponding tags.
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Though I stand by my (and Cas') earlier suggestion, I have just stumbled upon Google Web Designer, a graphical designer which doesn't look too bad (I have never used it though).