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Speed Masters ASD

Started by asdronin, May 09, 2019, 04:51:41 AM

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Hi all,
I have to say that I have been racing with Stunts for quite a long time since I first got it in 3 1/2" disk from my school computer room, I have visited ZakStunts many times too, but I havent competed openly in events, I never managed to understand the thing with the replay system that is hackable.

I have been making games for long time, and I have finally made a game inspired by Stunts and other racing games, well its not going to have the same road blocks and cars but hopefully you will like it. It has track editor and player can race in custom tracks or provided tracks, register a time, save a replay (unbreakable replay, no cheating possible), race against time, "ghost car" or CPU and of course player is able to copy these tracks/replay/Hi-score files and send to friends. I think these are the most important features we all like from Stunts and other racing games. The game will be on sale as soon as I can find a game publisher interested in it, and I would like to ask you if you can recommend me any publisher company that could be interested in a game like this, mainly I cant put the game straight into Steam as visibility is really low and I would sell probably so few copies.
If you want to check how it looks I made a short video with main features available here:

As a huge Stunts fan that I am I know that you will like this =)


Hi there Asdronin,

Quick note first: if there are mods reading this I suggest moving this to Racing Games & Other Competitions. The Stunts Related Programs section is mostly for modding tools and such.

Then: This looks pretty fun. Nice work for a one person game! Car behavior looks a bit slippy and slidy from the video, but it's hard to judge from seeing alone. If you're looking for playtesters who know this sort of games to maybe help finetune the racing itself I'm sure you'll be able to find a few volunteers around here.

I'm afraid I don't have a lot of tips on selling the game. I would almost suggest exporting it to Android. The reason I say this is that it doesn't really look like a game a lot of people would spend a lot of money on, and a game that could really benefit from a large player base, at least in the months after launch. It looks like something I'd play more as a fun time waster than as a serious competition game. A bit like the Riptide GP series or Ground Effect, both games I;m a pretty big fan of. So it might be worth selling cheap and growing the crowd through word of mouth. I have never in my life sold a game though...


Thanks for commenting Overdrijf, Im sorry if I posted in the wrong section, I wasnt sure either, forgot to mention that.

Thanks for your comments about the game =), certainly took a lot of time and Im sure it could need a change here or there, right now nobody really tested aside from a friend thats not a racing games fan, but yes thanks for your suggestion, I will consider asking for testers once I get a certain answer from company as mainly right now I havent signed with any, and I dont know what would they think if the game has been publicly tested.

About android market, well its impossible to deploy any game there, mainly from my point of view and the point of view of other developers and publishers I talked, the android market is flooded and its impossible to put something there to be sold, so it should be PC and maybe consoles if there is luck, but of course prize cant be as high as a game like Gran Turismo that usually feature 200 300 real cars with lot of real tracks etc cant tell the prize Im aiming but of course cant be the same. We will see what happens.

And in relation to how people would take the game, wether it could be taken as something serious to compete over and over like Stunts or just something to play around on odd times, well my original goal is to make something that resembles the Stunts features, meaning that people can make their tracks and share with friends, later compete against their times and see who performs best, what makes you feel it could be taken as a less serious game to compete? I mean I know the aesthetics arent realistic and maybe even handling isnt real but still there is lot of place to improve the best time, in fact in my time developing it I managed to beat my best time in some tracks many times and Im not the best player on earth but the handling is made so that the player could try harder to get a better time and even the slight change in the line you pick or the moment you brake/drift then it makes a change in the time you get. I spent lot of time to make it precise in relation to time handling and timing of actions to make the people compete there for real not really to take it like its not serious and timer is broken or something.

In relation to selling it, well Im still talking to company about this game, so Im not sure if there will be a contract or not and when, its not a matter I can control and of course I cant hurry nobody, as said selling directly into steam could be like throwing it away as so few people see games there that have been advertised for short time and almost nowhere. I will continue with this and will tell when its out there so that people can check it to buy it or well at least know its available. Thanks for your comment =)