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Started by afullo, June 07, 2019, 09:34:47 PM

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Speaking of old school gaming, is someone playing SI6IL, a DOOM episode featured by John Romero?

I just played the first two levels: the design of the maps is great, but you have to be careful and patient moving through these hellish lands. Having a Baron of Hell and a Cyberdemon as enemies, when you still have only the pistol and the shotgun, is for pro...


I was planning to, good you reminded me :)   Any suggestion about which port to use?


I'm using GZDoom, but I think any port is feasible, as far as I know the WAD does not have port-exclusive features, such as new types of linedefs or lumps...


Yeah, this WAD can be played with Vanilla Doom (Original DOS version of Doom) too
I played it, but failed at the second level (Ultra-Violence)
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Compared to IWADs and most historical PWADs, it is, as I said, indeed quite difficult. And I am getting old for trying and retrying too many times, so I arrived at the fourth level, before suspending indefinitely...  :P

I am playing the Phobos TC for Doom III these days...  ;)


I remember when I first saw Doom. I was a fan of Wolfenstein-3D, it was 1994 and a friend of mine introduced me to Doom.  I could see the engine was more advanced, but at the time, the game was larger, wouldn't run as smoothly on my computer and I was disappointed that it was all monsters instead of people, ha, ha. Looks like I can't help it: people are always more terrifying to me than any monster. I had not given the game much attention until I got to know Duke Nukem 3D, which I thought was amazing. Again, its competitor, Quake, didn't call my attention much, despite the amazing game engine. I was much more interested in the "fun" aspect of the game, in it being flexible (like, allowing me to edit the levels, etc.). But Duke3D wasn't as much fun if you played it on your own. I wanted to play it between two computers. At that time, I had access to two computers, but one of them wasn't capable of running Duke3D... yet... it could run good-old Doom!  This brought me closer to it and it was only then that I learnt to love it :)  Once I was able to play Duke3D à-deux, I stopped playing Doom regularly, but from time to time, it's nice playing a level or two.
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The first time I saw Doom, in 1995, I was disappointed because there was no point system (even if it was discarded only late in the development, the press release beta still had it) as Wolfenstein-3D used to have :P But shortly thereafter, I started to love it :)

Of course "suspended indefinitely" does not mean that I will not take in my hands that WAD again in the future...  ;D


I got everything installed and ready to play si6il, and then actually started with the original episodes :-)  I'm a third through the first one now, and I don't think I've ever played the fourth one!

I also had a lot of fun with Duke Nukem, because the Build editor was so easy to use—easier and more stable than the ones I had for Doom. But over time, from a single-player point of view, I think Quake is the better game, followed by Doom and then Duke Nukem (last, in part because of the humor).


Look for the secret exit in the third map (out of nine, including the secret one itself)  ;)