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2019-9 (Goodbye, Republic!)

Started by Cas, November 01, 2019, 02:14:40 AM

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The last race of this year has started!  I have made a new track this time and I think it's decently good!  There will be no December race this month as a mourning for the loss of the Republic in my country, hence the name of the track for this month. I think next year, I will be able to retake R4K normally, although I may be busy at the beginning.

The race features the Porsche 962 and it's quite enjoyable. I recommend you guys try it. I know my statement above may be controversial for some. It is not my intention to bother anybody, but to express myself and my feelings through this difficult time that will surely change my form of living. Nevertheless, just as I feel free enough to speak, I will so read too.
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