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On the road for a new season

Started by Cas, November 29, 2020, 06:22:39 AM

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Only one more race to go for season 2020, the year everybody hated, at least a little, ha, ha, still had some good things. Through the wind and thunder, the tournament site has been getting a lot better and the competition improving. I'm very thankful to KyLiE for his enormous contribution in the development of Race For Kicks as it is today and to Dreadnaut for being always there when I had PHP questions.

For this coming month, we are preparing something special. I can't say much. But I'll tell you about the changes that have been made so far:

  • Race history has been greatly improved with the addition of historical chat dating from season 2018
  • Old replays that had been superseded and deleted from the scoreboard can now be downloaded with the adition of the full-scoreboard (akin to ZakStunts' All Results)
  • Replays in old races now display the date when they were posted, another feature that will be good for archiving
  • The chat system finally accepts URLs that are translated to links, pipsqueak mentions and media. Thanks to Dreadnaut!
  • In the Profile menu, there is an option to enable or disable 3rd-party item auto-embedding

And there are many more smaller details and some more things are pending, so next season, we'll have a very powerful system!  So stay tuned for the next race and feel free to visit and be curious and make suggestions about the look or features. Thank you all so much!
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Cas, you're very welcome!  I'm honoured to be an integral part of the tournament. :)