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Caterham Super Seven JPE

Started by Zapper, March 23, 2021, 03:56:35 PM

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Hello you all

A new car is being projected to join STUNTS, this time a track oriented car to a track oriented game.
The very special "Caterham Super Seven Jonathan Palmer Evolution" from 1992 (an evolution over "HPC" version from 1990).

For now, base information, performance and modeling of the showroom shape is on it's final touches:

I hope to complete it in a few days or weeks.
Click here to view FINAL RELEASE post

More stuff about this "0-60-0" (MPH) record breaker of the period:


Nice job...and the seven on the front looks good. Congratulations.


Really, very beautiful choice of a car to develop!
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.



Great car!  I'm looking forward to it.



Caterham Super Seven JPE has just being released. (already updated to v1.1)
Download here:

While gathering all data from this car I had to make some compromise choices on colour schemes and dashboard layout, mainly because there is no oficial brochure and also because since this is a special limited version, where aproximatly 50 were made in which then "suffered" from customer personalization afterwards (

The performance figures were also trickie, because some exemplars have even more tweaked engine (+250HP) and a gearbox with 6 (short track oriented) ratios rather than other 5 gear "more standard" option.

But here it is, the car that in the time it came out, broke the 0-100-0MPH record when released in 1992 (relegating Ferrari F40).

Note: Careful with this feather weight, its prone to "flying carptets" and "fast landings" ;)

Some other review that were investigation material:,14197,14194.html


Its a bit lame that it is not possible to put the needle in black:

UPDATE: check the recent news about this here


Oh my god, wonderfull !!! You did the steering wheel in car1!! Awesome !!


Quote from: Ryoma on April 08, 2021, 05:42:15 PM
Oh my god, wonderfull !!! You did the steering wheel in car1!! Awesome !!

Thanks Ryoma!
The steering wheel is just a composition of "lines" (but not possible on car0 since there were no much more vertices left) ;)


Quote from: zapper on April 08, 2021, 05:33:25 PM
Its a bit lame that it is not possible to put the needle in black:

I thought the same thing when I did the Mclaren F1 dashboard....



I've just released a v1.1. in order to adjust speedometer and minor ajustments (air grip/oversteer).


Nice work!  There is a lot of detail in the 3D model.  As you mentioned, it's unfortunate that you can't change the colour of the needles, as white on yellow is a bit hard to see.  Even so, it's a great car! :)


Really beautiful choice of a car. And yes, Stunts limitations impact car development a lot. I wish I could say I'm almost ready with the engine, but nothing further from the truth.
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Oooh, this is a fun car! Haven't encountered any magic, but its handling is impressive, it feels so light :)

The white needle is a pain though. Do you think you could make the meter disc a bit darker, or make the green bar longer so the needle is visible against it?