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Live Races 2023

Started by dreadnaut, December 10, 2022, 12:52:25 AM

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Quote from: Duplode on January 28, 2023, 05:49:26 PMAlternatively, we might ask pipsqueaks to complete the first lap after the 8 minutes mark. An advantage is that the designer wouldn't have to guess laptimes in advance. A disadvantage is that a luck factor might be introduced, in that crossing the finish line at 7:59 would require one to drive another full lap. One workaround for this problem would be making the deadline relative, so that the deadline for each pipsqueak becomes 12 minutes plus some tolerance which increases with the length of the replay past 8:00.
We could use the lap time as calculated by bliss with a predetermined car and driver from the available data.

For the time we could allow a minute for every minute the replay is longer.
So past 8 minutes you have 12.
Past 9 you get 13,

With the set amount of full laps, automatic ranking can be made (and manual verification)
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Using the Bliss times as references could work -- as they are OWOOT times, they should be usable as a conservative estimate.

Expanding a bit on my suggestion of deadlines with tolerances, to keep things as simple as possible it might make sense to keep the 12:8 ratio, and use windows of 20 seconds so that the division comes out nicely:

Total time by räcer    Deadline
-------------------    --------
8:00.00 -- 8:19.95     12:30
8:20.00 -- 8:39.95     13:00
8:40.00 -- 8:59.95     13:30
9:00.00 -- 9:19.95     14:00
9:20.00 -- 9:39.95     14:30
9:40.00 -- 9:59.95     15:00

(Note that I'd rather err on the side of giving people a few seconds more than to make the deadline stricter.)