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Install DOS in DOSBox..

Started by Daniel3D, December 12, 2021, 10:20:21 AM

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I just found this. Thought it be interesting to share.

It is quite possible to install and use MS-DOS/PC-DOS/DR-DOS within DOSBox. This can be useful for checking software compatibility or getting install programs to work that do not with the built-in DOS in DOSBox. In this guide I will outline the steps in getting it to work. But first, let me start with the limitations :

1. The original DOSes only work with floppy and hard disk images. DOS within DOSBox will NOT work with CD-ROM images. The reason for this is the lack of ATAPI emulation, so no CD-ROM driver will load.

2. This will not assist you in getting hardware features to work that are not emulated in DOSBox, such as BASIC-in-ROM, floppy disk based copy protection, etc.

3. All the items taken for granted in native DOSBox, such as the mouse driver, auto configurations, must be replicated by the user within the disk images.

4. If the DOS you are trying to install is an OEM model, it may fail if it looks for a particular system signature in the BIOS. Tandy DOS may work if machine=tandy.

More in the link above.....
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That is really interesting!  Anyway, nowadays, the DOS standard isn't MS-DOS or even FreeDOS.... It's DOSBox!  I've thought many times about the possibility of creating a simple, but modern real-mode compiler specially designed for the DOSBox platform, but it's quite some work and there's no immediate need, so that isn't a priority.

Original DOS... its virtue never was what it would give you, but what it would let you do. New OSs are super restrictive and you can't get to the hardware. You never see what's happening under the hood. Frustrating for a low-level programmer. Now with DOSBox, under the hood, there's Flubber, ha, ha!  (
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