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Turismo Carretera 2022

Started by alanrotoi, February 26, 2022, 12:05:27 AM

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Ok this year we have a big change since decades: a new brand is racing with the traditional 4 (Ford, Chevrolet, Torino and Dodge). The new brand is Toyota. So the cars and brands in competition are:

  • Ford Falcon
  • Chevrolet Chevy (Nova)
  • IKA Torino
  • Dodge GTX (Polara)
  • Toyota Camry

The first race was in Viedma, far in the south in Patagonia.
The podium is:

  • 3rd GERMÁN TODINO (Torino)

Next race will be in March 6th.


I really never put the deserved attention to cars and car related events. All my life I've heard about Turismo Carretera, but never really learnt what it was about.  It's amazing how it's Stunts that has gotten me somewhat closer to cars. I guess most people came to Stunts originally because they liked cars and it was the other way with me. I had read about this new brand joining only recently. One thing I do have about cars from birth is finding their looks beautiful and these certainly are!
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You know what? Me neither :D I always wanted to follow F1 championships, TC or TC2000... but never could. I think today with internet and social media would be easier to follow and keep informed... but meh.


Yes, I understand that. It's strange because I do like these things. Like you mention F1. I do enjoy following an F1 race. But I somehow forget to check and never know what is up. By the way, we should have some kind of a calendar of car-related events here!
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.