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Possibility of log-in unification

Started by Cas, July 20, 2022, 03:18:34 AM

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I'm starting this topic so that we can drop any ideas or thought about the possibility that tournaments and other sites related to Stunts could have a unified login system or anything similar. If I know well, we have the following currently:

- ZakStunts
- The forum
- The wiki
- Stunts chat
- Race For Kicks
- CCC (and potentially any other EasyTour-based website)

that use a login system. The forum and Stunts chat use the same login and when you log in to one, you're automatically logged into the other. However, sometimes, you get kicked from the chat and when you re-log-in, you end up in the forum instead. However, you're never kicked from the forum. All others listed use independent login systems. I have the same credentials for the Wiki as for the forum, but I think I purposedly chose to. Yet, I don't remember. But one thing I know: logging into the forum does not log me into the Wiki.

Race For Kicks has a simple system in which, you sign up with a user "name", which is translated to a user "ID", that's much simpler and, for example, is case insensitive. So all transactions are done with the ID and the name is only visual. That means if you signed up as "pipsqueak" you can later login as "pipsqueak", but you will show up as "pipsqueak". You have an avatar image and some permissions. EasyTour-base sites including CCC have mostly the same system, but each will have its own user data base and do not currently interact.

If there's any unification, of course, permissions would not go across websites, but some information could, such as avatars, the ID and name, the password hash, etc. It could be that each site will have its credentials but you can, additionally, use the "universal Stunts ID", ha, ha... or it could be that we simply begin using just one login system. I think the former is safer because if one site goes down, we want the others to still be able to log in users.

Anyway, I'm interested in any ideas regarding this and I'm willing to help in anything I can. Cheers!
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Bit busy these days, but I'll consider and reply!

In the meanwhile: old thread on a similar topic