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Attempt to find a date for a World/Euro Stunts Meeting 2023

Started by Overdrijf, November 29, 2022, 04:59:42 PM

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I feel like I would probably join a Stunts meeting in Europe if it was held on...

Easter, Fri 07/04 to Mon 10/04/2023
1 (16.7%)
Labor day, Sat 29/04 to Mon 01/05/2023
2 (33.3%)
Semi-random weekend around the end date of WWII, might be a vacation or something, Fri 05/05 to Sun 07/05/2023
4 (66.7%)
Ascension day, Thu 18/05 to Sun 21/05/2023
3 (50%)
Pentecost, Sat 27/05 to Mon 29/05/2023
5 (83.3%)
Early summer, Sat 15/07 to Wed 19/07/2023
4 (66.7%)
Earlyish summer, Sat 22/07 to Wed 26/07/2023
3 (50%)
Latish summer, Wed 16/08 to Sun 20/08/2023
2 (33.3%)
Late summer, Wed 23/08 to Sun 27/08/2023
4 (66.7%)
Very random weekend in autumn, Fri 20/10 to Sun 22/10/2023
4 (66.7%)
This all seems pretty rushed, why not spring 2024?
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 6


Hi party peoples, this is my contribution to the attempts to pick a date for a new Stunts World/Euro Meeting.

The dates are pretty biased around my own free days, so I wouldn't count on this being the definitive list. Please name any additional options in a post below.

It looks like I can't set these polls to "show who voted for what" (if you're willing to do so, please name your votes in a post), but at least I can let people vote for as many options as they want.

As for myself... I'm still thinking...

Edit, being the fifth voter: Actually I'm just going to cross them all (I had to guess at when people would be available, so I guessed by looking at my own work calendar) except ascension, that's usually when the best kayaking happens.


Thanks for taking the initiative @Overdrijf.

Just wondering, how many do we gave to be so that it makes sense to organise a meeting?


I think that most things are scalable. So I vote for doing it regardless of the numbers.
But more than 5 will make it better  8)
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It's an interesting question, and for me the answer probably depends on the location. If it's in Hungary or something It's a bigger investment in time and money and effort on my part and I figure I would like the meeting to be at least about 8 people, or more precise six pupsqueaks to meet besides myself and Daniel who I just met. And bigger would be better. If I'm the hosting party I don't really care, I'm willing to welcome any number of people. If it's just one or two I might even have my own place large enough for them to stay by then, maybe possibly potentially, if they don't mind sleeping on the floor sandwiched between a packed moving box and a pile of random junk (slight exaggeration). So I could imagine other people having similar thoughts.