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Stunts DAF Siluro version

Started by Overdrijf, July 05, 2023, 05:10:05 PM

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As I have bragged about to some of you before (and hi anyone who came here through the video!) I have gotten to make a version of Stunts for in a museum. This metrified version of the game features the beautiful but tricky DAF Siluro, and is being featured in the DAF museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The DAF Siluro is a tiny tired lightweight sportscar with stepless automatic transmission, yes, in game, and a limited slip differential for some extra terrain grip.

Now, I'm not entirely sure yet where the Siluro might be going in the next few months, to begin with I would like to make a version that fits the scale of the regular Stunts world. But that's all for later. I have been pretty busy, and for the next few weeks I'm going to be very vacationing. For now, enjoy the museum piece that is the Stunts DAF Siluro edition.

To run this game, like most versions of Stunts, you need DOSbox or another DOS emulator. Mount the unpacked DAF folder containing all the game files as a drive, and start the game by typing "start".

If you did not come here through the video, there is a video! It can be found here, on the community channel.

And finally thanks to the community and particularly to its cluster of Daniels for the help and support. Where would we be without Daniels?

Note: the car files are using the abbreviation COUN, because the game will not work if there isn't a car called COUN. If you want to port this version of the car to another game version please use the abbreviation SILT, to keep these slots sort of standardized.


Nice work! 😀

Don't leave the COUN/SILT to chance — want to attach your approved version of the car files?


Fair enough, not a bad idea. Here's the car separately from the special version. Put the four files in your Stunts folder and they're added to the game.


That's spectacular, Overdrijf! Love this wholesome project. Seeing the Home Computer Museum's related Instagram post a while ago, combining Stunts with that alluring Compaq Presario, prompted me to dive back into Stunts again.


This is a new milestone! I hope someone puts the Stunts in a Museum thing on the Wiki. The video is great as well! Too bad I won't make it to Eindhoven throughout the next months to race and type my three letters in the highscore table at first place.  8)
Great job, Overdrijf!
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Really great!  This idea worked so well and having "our game" alive in a museum is amazing to see, taking it to the people. Also, this means that the Siluro will become a historical piece within the custom car set for sure. I think this definitely should have a place in the wiki. In my opinion, it should be in the Siluro wiki article, like other custom cars have, but there could be redirections from other things such as "Museum event", for example.
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Thanks guys! Nice to hear.

Ha, I brought Dstien back, that's going on my Stunts resume.