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Started by alanrotoi, May 12, 2023, 03:39:29 PM

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Hi! I'm Patricio "Alan Rotoi" and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actually I moved few years ago to Castelar a 10km away from Buenos Aires. I'm 42.

The first time I played Stunts was in October 1993 when my primary school friend Martin shared me the game (Broderbund 1.0 version). Those were the times of my AT286 and Hercules b/w monitor. This Stunts copy was incomplete and the Jaguar was missing (you could watch it in the car showcase but you couldn't play it) so the 1st time I used this car was in my very first race in this community zct14 back in May 2002.

Besides racing and competing I like to build cars thanks to the tools other community members made like Car Blaster, Carworks and Stressed.

I'm not as good as others building tracks so I had to innovate making a big map of tracks that consists in putting track after track together.

My favourite original car was always Porsche 962. Before joining the community it was also the Ferrari GTO but now I would replace it with the Lancia Delta Integrale and Acura NSX. And about custom cars Zapper is in my opinion the best builder. His cars are beatiful (i.e. Lotus Esprit and Ferrari F40).

I found the community in April 2002, the Roy's WMSC competition showed up in a search and I found it was a great idea. I felt I was a very good pipsqueak because hey I beated Skid Vicious most of times! So downloaded the track, played and sent by email a replay to find I was quiet slow between the other pipsqueaks. Also the competition was closed so no participation at all. It was the 23th of April. A week later I found ZakStunts, the 30th of April but the track zct13 ended the same day and I was at work so no time to race. I had to wait a day for the zct14 release.

I'm still playing. Now I upload videos in youtube, about some streammings, new cars releases, replays, live races events. Always there is something new to do and I enjoy it.


Hi, guys!  We should've had this thread... uhm... twenty years ago?  ;D  Glad we have it now. It's never too late for introductions.

I'm Cas. I was born in Córdoba, Argentina, but I consider myself cosmopolitan. I race under the NZ flag in ZakStunts. Currently 44 years old. I first came across Stunts in April 1993. I had recently acquired my brand new 386 and a friend from school came to my house with a ton of diskettes to share some games, which included Stunts (Brøderbund 1.0). Like is the case with Alan Rotoi, my version was also damaged. The Default track had been... uhm... "vandalised" and I couldn't race against Skid Vicious. The default replay was a Porsche March Indy racing on Default and flying up to the air and crashing at the loop.

First racing
I found that there existed Stunts tournaments in the late 90s, but I didn't participate back then. I didn't understand the rules very well and I'm shy and usually, instead of asking or trying, I do things only when everything is very clear, so I miss some chances. However, in late 2005, I discovered Paleke's World Stunts Championship in La Cueva de los Clásicos (a Spanish forum) and by 2015, I was already also very active in ZakStunts.

What I do
Although I've done considerable work creating CarWorks, I've never made a custom car myself. Not that I'm not interested. Quite the contrary. But I feel I'm not very good at that. One day, I'll do it. I'm also not a very good pipsqueak. What I contribute the most with here is programming and I like to participate in everything I can, even if I'm last. Together with KyLiE, I'm running the Race For Kicks tournament. I love building tracks that have a lot of visuals.

The cars I tend to prefer are the faster ones. When I first had Stunts, I'd use the Porsche March Indy almost exclusively and sometimes the IMSA cars. Much later, I learnt to love other cars, but I still enjoy the roller-coaster feeling of high-speed Stunts. With custom cars, there are a lot of great options now, such as the Melange, the McLaren or the DTM pack.
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