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Started by dreadnaut, January 25, 2024, 08:25:20 PM

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I think we should have more links out to cool resources! 8)

With that in mind, I've added a links page under the portal, and the first handful of websites that came to my mind. We need more though!

Ideally, that page should include only links to websites that:
  • talk about Stunts, or Stunts and DOS games, or close enough
  • we know of, admire, have interest in
  • are a work of love

I would exclude soul-less directories, anything even remotely spammy, but also super-experimental stuff that might disappear at any time.

This thread is to discuss the page, but more importantly to suggest links to add! Would be great to hear why a website deserves to be on our list, and to have a brief description I can add to the page.

Thank you all! ;D


Well, I have my little repo with my Stunts software at It's a WIP, but it already has some stuff.

External, I could mention La Cueva de los Clásicos:

This is an important Spanish speaking forum from early this century where many Stunts pipsqueaks first found out about the community. It is not as active now as it was back then, but many old topics are still there and it's linked to our origins.
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Cas' Repo definitely belongs on the list!