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ZCT270 - Swiftshire

Started by alanrotoi, January 16, 2024, 12:12:56 AM

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New season, new cars, new challenges. ZCT270 is fast track I hope you'll enjoy. @Overdrijf already found a shortcut I didn't took in mind. Will this detroy my race plans? But wait... what plans? As you can see from the bonuses I proposed an IMSA race plus few other cars and tryied to avoid a successful PG ride.

Remember to check as many public replays as possible, not only the one who is in the lead at the moment because you could find ideas and open your mind with a different path you though. The perfect example is @Overdrijf's replay. He made a shortcut outside the tunnel that I, as the track builder, didn't expected. Does it worth? We don't know yet but it opens another path at least for me. You never have the complete control of a track even if you are the track builder.


It's really hard to tune the car bonuses to achieve what you want with your track because, until people start racing, you never know really what can be done. I tried that with my previous ZakStunts track and failed miserably. I wanted to have many competitive cars.
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