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Ruf CTR Yellowbird Twin Turbo

Started by alanrotoi, December 29, 2023, 01:39:33 AM

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Please enjoy this new car! The Ruf Yellowbird, is a limited-production, high performance sports car manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Ruf Automobile. Introduced for the 1987 model year and based on the Porsche 911, the CTR featured an enlarged and highly tuned version of Porsche's 3.2 litre flat-six cylinder engine, lightened body panels, an integrated roll cage (adding chassis stiffness in addition to occupant safety), upgraded suspension and braking systems, a custom-designed transmission, and several unique trim pieces such as polyurethane bumpers, and the use of the side-mounted oil filler (a Porsche feature for the 1972 model year only) necessitated by relocating the oil tank forward to clear the intercooler on that side.

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Link to download from my Drive:

...or just download from the attached files.


Nice work!  Another amazing car makes its way into the Stunts world.  Thank you! :)


Very good looking!  We'll definitely find a slot for it in R4K this coming season :)
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