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The Big Bang Race (2024-05-25)

Started by Cas, Yesterday at 07:46:41 PM

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Pretty much a last minute post, but here it is... One could say that we've been planning this event for a few weeks, but in reality, it wouldn't have been planned if it weren't for the custom cars we'll use... if it weren't for so many successful live races we've been to before... if it weren't for the forum, for the community... if it weren't for Stunts and DSI... Right from the very beginning in 1990, at first, there was nothing, and next instant, there was the first byte that lead to The Big Bang Race!

The particles from the CMB will reach us this Saturday 25 at 19:00 UTC. Count on you guys here!

Organisers: Cas + Erik Barros
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Oh those cars! Thank you! What else can you spoil? track? rules?


Oooh, I could be around if I can get home in time! Added it to my calendar ;D


It's going to be two races. Most likely, standard 8/12. I'm thinking that the winning positions could be defined based on 1: number of laps and then 2: time to last lap, instead of position after last lap. But we haven't really discuss this with Erik so we may still change that :)
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


I'll do my best to make it.  5:00 AM is going to be grim!  Attached are the paint jobs I'd like to use. :)


I'll go with Chevrolet Camaro "junkyard" painjob and Baronetti A-70 white paintjob.