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News posts + articles = blog-thing?

Started by dreadnaut, January 09, 2024, 12:44:18 AM

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I'm considering options to make the "Latest news from the ZakStunts crew" easier to find, link, etc. At the same time, I'd like to give articles more visibility. The result might be a series of pages that feels like a blog (yearly archives, pages for single articles, etc).

Admin news have a long history though, and were initially very frequent and brief. Maybe those belong in the shoutbox archives, where they are today. What is a good criteria? Size, starting from a specific year?

Some stats on admin news items for you:

You cannot view this attachment.
SELECT year(published_on) as `year`, count(*) as `posts`, MIN(LENGTH(content)), MAX(LENGTH(content)), AVG(LENGTH(content)), SUM(LENGTH(content)) FROM `zak_newsposts` GROUP BY `year` ORDER BY `year` DESC;
If you are wondering, yes, the length jump in 2017 is my fault.