Herr Otto Partz says you're all nothing but pipsqueaks!

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Formula One new rules

Started by Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister, October 29, 2002, 02:15:09 PM

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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

I had terrible tips but I got 10-10 points to the 'last driver to finish' bonus and 'no. of pipsqueaks finished' bonus, and it saved me.
Chürműű! :-)

1780.16 km


Quote from: Mingva on August 23, 2003, 04:14:00 PM
ouch, hungarian in F1 :shock: It's Zsolt Baumgartner with Jordan.

Where is the first ltu pipsqueak in F1? Ah yes, nowhere. ;D

But at least we have a Russian, Vitalij Petrov.