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Questions Zak :)

Started by Argammon, January 26, 2002, 12:00:00 PM

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Until which time can we send replays?

Need the exact time in gmt+1  

Can I send you a replay faster than 1.01.35 but still let you add 1.01.35 to the list?

I hate braking before the finish line   but I don't want to lay all cards on the table this early either!


I`ve answered you in email too, but this should be useful for others too.

The rules say, that replays are accepted until 23:59.59 on the last day of the month, GMT+1. There is a little chance (when it`s Friday or Saturday it`s bigger) that I closed the contest that evening after midnight, BUT in that case (and in any other case) I accept every replay until the first day of the month 6pm (gmt1), or until I close the contest and put up the new (so if I close it on the 5th of February they`re accepted until then). This is because of the time zones, and because emails can stuck, but don`t rely on this. Please send your final replay at last on the last day of the month.

I know how important it is too keep the site up-to-date as much as possible, especially on the last, hard days, and I do my best, I`ll always write in the news if there is a day in the last week of the month, when I can`t update.

When I`ll have the ADSL finally (Hungarian phone companies suck) I`ll call an expert friend, and we`ll maybe write a script which updates the site automatically, checking the emails, taking out the data from the rpl, and put it up on the site, or at least send it out in email. I`ve thinked abnout it, and seems not too difficult altough I never made such a thing. That`ll be necessary in the summer, because it looks like finally I can go on a holiday with my girlfriend for two weeks, so I can`t update.

Or in the worst case   I`ll tell one of my friends to help update the site that days. I don`t want to miss out any of the 12 months in the competition.