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judge greg replay

Started by ben snel, March 25, 2002, 11:00:00 PM

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Krys' children already raced long ago! (Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird). They seem to have stopped now though :-/
But we can't be quite sure.


They already did, at least 2 of them : they were Warner Bros team.

But since I have a X-Box with games like Burnout 3 and so on, they almost stopped to race Stunts.
Only Tweety Bird (my 3rd son) sometimes open Stunts, create a track and race it a few. Maybe I can try again to convince him to join one or 2 Stunts comp. My older boy (Daffy Duck) doesn't want to play Stunts anymore.
My 2nd boy is not interested in racing games (only crash mode of burnout, else he plays only platform games) and my daughter too.

As for their names, Daffy and Tweety asked me once or twice to change their nick but I never did... If tweety comes back to Stunts comp, he will probably do it with another nickname. I suggest you to check for newcomers at competitions scoreboards and try to guess if my son is one of them. ;)


Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck? They already did. ;D