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1 week, pipsqueaks

Started by Anonymous, April 14, 2002, 11:00:00 AM

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1 week is left for the Toronto. We hope that some more drivers will enter. (CAP, Juank23, Roy, Ruepel(!), and others). At the time Ben Snel is leading with an unbelieveable time. It would be interesting if Bismarck or Argammon could beat him. Hey guys you have still one week to enter! C U on the scoreboard, Pershing


nothing changed on the scoreboard.  

We hope some guys will enter, because at the moment there's no competition...

We promise you that the next track will be better.

C U on the Scoreboard

ben snel

i wont spend another second on this track, although it was nice, for a change, to have spent so much time on it. Believe me, I did. I dont think I can do it more than a second faster. My own calculated fastest time is 2:04,65.

Bonzai Joe

It seems possible. I've noticed some tricks, but I'm just not going to try. I don't have the time or the desire. So I guess it's 4th place for me, at best.


I hate it, I just hate it. It is the worst competition/track I know. For a guy like me or Juank23 it's a horror. Without replay-handling you are nowhere. I tried to drive a better time today. I used replay-handling, but after 70% of the track I gave up. It sucks. It's just replay-handling all the time! There are no 10 seconds you can drive normally. I hate it and I won't drive the track again. I will spend the time by making the next track. It will be called Bombay.