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Master of Orion

Started by Mingva, August 23, 2003, 11:44:56 AM

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Some my answers to this post:
QuoteWho will be the remaining Orionians ? I mean regular Orion pipsqueak
Mingva for sure :) I hope Krys and Leo too :wink: Maybe also Alain :?: (If he'd decide to return like Michael Jordan did twice). Untill the end of this season I'm regular pipsqueak for sure. Just watch to ISA/IRC: I never missed a race, and allways represented Orion :D And didn't miss a single race of "Liga de Latina" :lol: Although I'm sending only 1 rpl/trk. I also will race in USC if tracks will be the same attractive as Cegled or Eger. I don't know how but I'm not able to find or even to do shortcuts/tricks in the main, Zak's, competition :cry: (no shortcuts = no motivation = no rpl)
QuoteIf Mingva continues to get bored, he may be able to stop IRC
YES, but when I'm seeing so many new pipsqueaks in IRC (I'm getting some mails even from non-pipsqueaks), I'm not thinking about it :)
QuoteI start to worry about Orion's future...
Me too, somehow :?
QuoteIf even Kalpen's comp revival can't give motivation to pipsqueaks
hmm, isn't it paradoxical situation?


Good to know that you will be a regular pipsqueak. :D

About not finding SC, don't you watch your teammates replays sometimes ?
I sent my 1:11,95 time to all Orionians.
Watch it, study it, try to find the SC I missed to reach a time below the minute, and GOOOO ! 8)

Shoegazing Leo

I'll continue... :D  :D  :)  :D

I'll run Zak, IRC, ST LOL, Kalpen and "El Stunts Latino"... :)

I believe what Krys, Mingva and Argammon, the three most experienced of the team, will be very important to the team future...

Alain was a outstanding pipsqueak. It's a big "acident" his retire... But, we must continue...

Krys, Mingva & Myron have a great potential...

Argammon needs to wake up: he's a pipsqueak of same magnitude of Alain...

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Myron is a retired ghost (cheater).
Chürműű! :-)

2071.54 km


Myron wrote me his retirement mail.



They're just trying to play a trick on us. Watch Alain come back on the 31st and watch them all laugh at us.
But we can't be quite sure.


Nothing special :P Alain needs to relax from Stunts: i will race again if it means pleasure. today, i get no pleasure at stunts anymore.
The same situation with Argammon: I can't really race every month because I don't have fun to do so. And if it's no fun I should not race only to get points or wins.
And Myron isn't such mad to play silly game for a long time: i dont want to search for bugs then i dont want to replay a curve 1562th time.

The team isn't dead yet: Krys is very active as allways, Leo is trying to get into Pro, and I'm waiting for the ZCT suitable for me :mrgreen:

to BJ:  :lol:


New pipsqueaks will stay if:

- there is a previous generation with motivation

- there is competitivity (I mean if they can get a good place in the scoreboard)


QuoteKrys is very active as allways
Well, Except for my holidays, I always raced at least one time each track of each competition I've heard of.
And I got a 4th victory in a row on HOTU comp. :D
About Z29, well, I think I missed one trick that cost me 10 seconds in order to be competitive... But I'm still searching. :wink:

About team, well, we are now 3 remaining Orionians active, and it seems I'm the leader in the scoreboard... Weird situation. :?

Without Alain, Orion is half Orion.
Ice without Fire.
Mingva without Alain. (the 2 original Orionians). :evil:

I remember August 2k2, when I discovered competitions on Stunts. :shock:
1st FSC that was just beginning, and then Zak's, and then ISA, and all the others that appeared after.
It was Alain who convinced me to join Orion, and now I feel strange. :?
Not like Al or Argy, no. Not tired of Stunts. Not AT ALL. :twisted:

But I feel like someone missing something/someone without knowing exactly why I miss it so much. :roll:  :cry:


Quote from: "alanrotoi"New pipsqueaks will stay if:

- there is a previous generation with motivation

- there is competitivity (I mean if they can get a good place in the scoreboard)

As a quite new pipsqueak I'd like to support that only in parts:
I for my part liked it very much, that there were so many excellent drivers active, I probably wouldn't have joined if there were only ten drivers in Zak's or so. But the second part with getting good places: I really like it more when there are *excellent* opponents, I appreciated it more becoming 11 out of 20 something in my first month at Zak's than becoming pro in my first month due to lack of oppenents.

The fun for my is not primarily getting good positions quickly but the "damn, he beat me by 2 seconds, let's see if i don't get him" even if it's only the fight for 15th place. And i fear that if everyone stops playing cause he doesn't like the tracks or only becomes 4th this possibility for fighting might end.

Winning is surely nice, but there's a german saying which translates roughly "The way is the goal" (Der Weg ist das Ziel). ;)

Just looked my saying up, actually it's probably not a german one, but by konfuzius :)
** edit end


Do you mean Kafka's famous quote? I don't know the german version, but I think it's "What we call way is only hesitation".
But we can't be quite sure.

al il professore


orionians of us are excellent. just read yourself in this thread again, shining mingva, krystoff and leo ramone! you made me cry, and come back to this beautiful game!

and satanziege is one of the best minds after orion team. i really regret missing his drafting against myron's! because this quotation 'the way is the goal' is the sentence that made me be the best: there is no other adversary than time. 4D SPORTS DRIVING, we are all running against the 4rth dimension, the clock. the clock kills the stunts pipsqueak, and the stunts pipsqueak kill the clock. We dont beat anyone when we win. we beat the time. hence becoming gods.

god please give me again the strange blessing of winning two seconds in the middle of the rankings!

natural born pipsqueaks invented us, now we can all, natural born pipsqueaks reach our dreams in several divine competitions. STUNTS reminds me those dreams of fall sometimes. when the car gets drifting in the air as under the wings of a tenth of the walkiries that rule the skies. I am always thinking, in the moment it takes off the virtual ground: god! take me to the finish line!

In 4D SPORTS DRIVING, god never took me easily to a finish line. every second wounds, the last one kills.

Please kill me again!
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


That was a nice post.
Personally I play Stunts because I was tired of being perhaps among the best 10% of the world at cycling, the best 10% at chess, the best 2-3% in IQ (still millions and millions of people). In Stunts, I was, for a while, the stallin best in the whole world. That was a nice feeling. Being close to the top is still a great feeling - I exist.
When I play a Stunts track I the start line, I see the finish line (okay it's the same place :D), and I know that one way is the best way. I try to see lines all over the track, forces, gravity, penalty time, it all has to reach a higher unity if you want to win. To me, every replay that seems impossible to improve is a grand work of art.
But we can't be quite sure.

al il professore

first, you are still the best bonzai joe, newbies coming here must consider you as the best stunts career ever by far.
second, you already played an impossible replay with the countach. alanrotoi played an impossible replay with the acura. in my stunts life i never saw things like that before, making them being "impossibly horrific" and turning me into a worm. I still wait for the impossible lap from my hands. but i think i wont even be concient of this impossible thing  by myself, and i will need someone else point of view to feel that.

stunts pipsqueaks also play for the "incredible but true"

i was a fan of this old 80's show in France TV: "incroyable mais vrai". lots of stunts were performed live with cars. when i watched starky & hutch i loved only the car pursuits, in dukes of hazaard the star was general lee. in A team i waited for the van jumps. My true hero was Lee Majors !!!
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


First post in this topic. Orion is dead for ages. Great.