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Rule Question

Started by Argy, September 01, 2003, 05:16:25 PM

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What happens if the car drives through the finish line but the game does not stop?
Does it count?
And if yes,what's about penalty time? If the game does not stop you can't see it......


Are you trying again to cross from the opposite direction? :)


I guess he did a extremely shortcut. I didn't see the track so it's only a guess.


Argy, the game has to stop, I only accept replays with an end and races that lead to an entry in the .hig file. In races where I suspect that in the end there must be penalty time I stop the replay short before the end and race the last half second, then I can see if penalty is be given. Then this time will certainly be added (I only had this twice in all the last years).


I think it's a bug in stunts: If you drive the 'fake way' (the one interrupted by banked roads.... and then somehow drive to the finish line from the right side (not other side like zak guessed) you can't finish the race AND you don't get penalty time.
Try it out yourself....


*lol* who would do such a thing


That's because you haven't finished the race
But we can't be quite sure.

al il professore

this thread is about those things we keep for the darkest hours of our rainy days, when we try out things.

and the try outs described here are not efficient at all. lets all damn those silly windmills dispatched everywhere on the scenery, because they allow nobody to find a shortcut without thinking about the speed that will be displayed on the evaluation screen after the crash into the base of one of them. lets pray for an... lets say the word... eternal kalpen competition. perhaps a formula will allow jtk and khr to stay! perhaps they will stop it in december and start again in january 2004!!! what can we do for that? if there is thirty competitors every month at least, and its growing and growing, we can hope it will go on? forever?
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Your words fill my heart with warmth!  :D

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If it happens, CPU thinks you were so silly because you restart your lap. That is of course invalid, not 1, not a half, 0 lap is completed. Sorry.
Chürműű! :-)

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