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The taste of the audiance

Started by Argammon, December 06, 2003, 02:22:37 PM

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Only one big problem:

CTG is cheater!!!



I thought TDC was just for fun, but CTG made it to nonsense :( Anyway, let's congratulate CTG for his nice work, and also let's wish him a bit more brain :roll:


OK Mingva, let's broke all connections between us! I won't tell you anything in the future and I ask you to do the same! It will be really better...  :!:


I'm agree, if it will add more brains to you  :lol:


Hmmmm, yes... I have to improve my brain... It's not enough to be 3 times cleverer then Mingva...  :P

And this is my last post to him! STOP OTHER MESSAGES!


I'm happy with my position  at TDC :)


Quote from: "Akoss Poo"<aksinlove> well we didn't punish Orion, although we know that Alain did Myron's rpl, no jury, nothing... and now we need a jury to decide who is right in a competition which doesn't have a winner... :((((((

This is bullshit, it was never proven it was only your thought that Myron cheated.


Hmm uh..... MY poor topic is getting destroyed!!!

Noone even said good work,or interesting or anything.Just another flamewar :)